DIY chocolate gift basket inspiration

I don’t know you, but I am a gift freak, especially when talking about gift baskets. As long as I can choose a decent quantity of fancy themed stuff (like chocolate gifts), gather all in a nice container, decorate it and put in in the hands of someone I love, I go for it.


chocolate gift basket by Gourmet Project
chocolate gift basket by Gourmet Project


So I thought it was time for a series of posts about gifts and gift baskets. A way to share my craziness. In case someone needed a little tip or two.

Or a whole guide, as it ends up being.

Each item on this “chocolate gift basket” list is linked to Amazon, so you only have to click, save in your basket, review, purchase and wait home.

Cause let’s say it.

A day spent surrounded by beautiful (and in this case delicious) stuff, ribbons and gift tags, is a day well spent. A day running around looking for good stuff, suitable for your idea, is not exactly a dream day :-).


a chocolate day

And talking about dream days…Here’s, step by step, how you’re friend’s day might be if you give her/him, this absolutely sinful chocolate gift basket.


Wake up and have a gourmet, breakfast:

a delicious, creamy, cup of hot chocolate.

This is my favorite brand (made in England). Pick a flavor… or all of them!




Spread something delicious on rusks (or toasted bread):

{Venchi is THE chocolate brand for Italian foodies, right now}


go for a nice walk in the city or at the park, and bring your own, gourmet, snacks (oh look, you’ve got those too in your splendid chocolate gift basket):



Back home, have a light lunch (I mean, you are indulging a lot today :-))…

and then…

a couch + soft blanket, a hot tea (and it’s chocolate flavored!) and a good book: heaven.





I can’t understand why… but some like coffee more than tea 🙂




Time for a super relaxing bath… guess the flavor!



Dinner and…

just another little treat before bedtime




If this mix and matching, and filling the basket, and decorating, sounds like too much work…. look what I found: an already made chocolate gift basket.


That’s it! Give your chocolate gift basket to someone that’s worth the effort. Someone that will devour it in a day!!!

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If you have any suggestion to integrate the list, just let me know. I will gladly add them!


have a great, gourmet day, and enjoy your chocolate gift box/basket