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about me:

Italian-Venezuelan cooking, eating and dancing in Rome

In love with veggies, suitcases, airports, hats, Christmas & books

Claudia Rinaldi gourmet project

what brought me here?

I ate in Venezuela until I was 8, pan dulce for breakfast and homemade gnocchi for dinner.

Then I moved to Rome and stopped putting ketchup and mayo on my pasta, but still founding arepas on the table.

Meantime I spent almost every summer of my childhood savoring Cuban cuisine in Miami. Again: pancakes for breakfast and ropa vieja for dinner.

While conquering my degree in Business & Economics (I’m a Luiss girl) I began exploring world cuisines: from Chinese to Irish, passing by sushi.

And studied a lot… of cooking methods (thanks Cordon Bleu)

While working as an HR Manager at Fox Channels (yes I know, the best work a girl can dream of) I brought food to the office: offering goodies at meetings, including a “share your recipe” space on the company’s Intranet, offering candies during evaluations and comfort snacks during budgeting.

Time passed, I grew up and learned a lot: being the HR (& Training) Manager gives you a lots of opportunities. I got a Master in Human Resources Management, I attended a Business Administration Bocconi course, and fed up my foodie soul by developing projects with the incredible Veronesi Institute people (ciao Marco!). I planned courses (and attended, and learned a few things) about negotiation, creative writing, public speaking, communication…

But time had passed and I needed more space, my space. I wanted to make my own thing, and I wanted to cook… all day long.

So here I am, with my apron on and floured hands, making my own thing.



Kitchen Aid & Estra Kitchen Tour (with chef Daniele Usai):

KitchenAid Italia & Estra Kitchen (with chef Enrico Cerea & Paolo Vizzari):

Compass Group & Luiss Guido Carli University: cafeteria restyling

Compass Group & Bocconi University: bar menu restyling – ongoing

Compass Group: Brescia University Cafeteria Menu restyling – ongoing



The Culture Trip –The Greek Islands And Their Mythological Stories

The Culture Trip – Rome’s 5 Best Cooking Schools

Al Femminile & Csaba Della Zorza 4 Samsung – Babbo Natale, voglio una casa iper-tenologica!

Al Femminile – Dolcetto o Scherzetto? Il PBJ sandwich americano…

Amazon – Bibendum

Casa Facile – L’Arte del Ricevere


about gourmet project:

blog, magazine & food projects centered on:

slow food & slow living Italy

seasonal recipes & ingredients

travel pics & tales

lots and lots of olive oil

get your copy of the current issue of the mag:

This is a slow magazine, with slow food, slow recipes and cozy home activities. This is a magazine you need to read while sitting on a bench, in the park. With soft music in your earphones and a soft blanket around your shoulders. It requires time and dedication. This is a magazine with thematic recipes and projects. Italian regional food, historic eras, festivities… whatever I stumble on and deeply inspires me. Not only recipes, but curiosities, stories and Italian life bites. This is a seasonal magazine. This is a no ads magazine. This is the food magazine I’ve always been looking for in newsstands, not found it… made it myself. The vintage gold issue is dedicated to: regional Italian Christmas recipes delicious homemade foodie gifts a very gold, sparkling themed party winter recipes from a winter garden


about pics

I use an iphone for all my photos and I edit them with vscocam.

{Want to use my photos and recipes on your site/blog?: Please, please, please link back to the original source and notify me! info{at}}


want to work with me?

send me an email: info{at}

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    • Just visited your lovely site, oh how I love all that globe(and food)trotting. We must keep in touch!!!!

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