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the cooking projects

Each month the blog is dedicated to a specific project. The topic may be an ingredient, a cooking method, a regional or country traditional cuisine…

What inspires me: seasons, the market, my travels, the people I meet, and most active of all… my imagination.

I search the web, I read cookbooks and I ask friends and family, to find everything I can about the argument.

Then I put it into words (and pictures) on the blog (or the magazine):


Projects to date:

The Italian Dough Project

the homemade authentic pizza bianca recipe and how to eat it like an Italian :-)

The Plant Based Project

a dairy-free, plant based, alternative overnight oatmeal recipe. with sweet and delicious persimmon

The Vintage Gold Project

The Vintage Gold issue of the Gourmet Mag is dedicated to: regional Italian Christmas recipes delicious homemade foodie gifts a very gold, sparkling themed party winter recipes from a winter garden


The Early Autumn Project

There's quite a controversy in Italy about Halloween celebrations. “Purists” saying why should we celebrate an American festivity. "Revolutionaries" enjoying every bit of it, and dressing up like dia de los muertos, to mix up things even more. I say: did you know there are Italian traditions (especially in Calabria) so similar to Halloween rites, they make you wander... Frankly, I celebrate with whatever excuse (or invent one) and tend to ignore sounding extra involved to others. I'm already thinking of themed foods for the Indiana Jones festival (thanks Netflix), soon in my living room. But to celebrate this USA-Italy melting pot discovery, I found the most Halloween-y recipe of Italian traditional food: ossa di morto Sicilian cookies, bones of the death. Biscuits meant to be dipped in milk or wine, depending on your mental status, I add.

The Bali Project


crunchy bean and roasted coconut salad with all the goodness of balinese slow cooking

The Micro Salads Project

roasted potato and pesto salad with curly endive, tomatoes, sugar snaps and sprouts


The Liquids Project


panaché with gazzosa: the best way to enjoy a beer

The Buddha Bowl Project

moroccan style red lentils & cous cous buddha bowl with eggplant, walnuts and sunflower seeds

The Sun Project



The Italian Noshes Project

ricotta mousse recipe. 3 options for a sweet Italian nosh

The 3 Legs Project


pistachio pesto pasta, with olive oil and nutmeg. plus pancetta, for the crunch

The Always Wanted to Project

a raw marinated tuna onigiri recipe for your bento


The Floralia Project

a healthy, easy, savory zucchini bread loaf recipe, with spring chives (and a few flowers)

The Bubble Project

fermented oatmeal by gourmet project | the bubble project

The Egg Project

eggs en cocotte by gourmet project


The Arepa Project

dulce de leche arepas_the arepa project by gourmet project

The Movie Project

lemon spaghetti and meatballs by gourmet project

The Crunchy Project

A crunchy (apulian) Italian panzerotti recipe: with ham, tomato & mozzarella.


The Gold Project


Polenta pizza recipe. An easy and healthy crust for your veggies and mozzarella.

The Moonlight Project

a raw kale Buddha bowl with lentils, barley, cashews and pomegranate vinaigrette

The Soup Project


bread tuscan soup recipe: kale, potatoes and white beans to restore you from a cold, windy, winter day


The Christmas Bakery Project

pomegranate icing recipe: natural brilliant colors & incredibly delicious cookies

The Feather Project


authentic tuscan chicken tomato sauce recipe, from one of the best restaurants in Val D'Orcia

The Pasta Project


An easy basil homemade pasta dough recipe, by hand or with the pasta machine.


The Samhain Project

Italian cake recipes: white chocolate (or persimmon) white caprese cake with a thyme infused honey buttercream.

The Eggplant Project

italian style eggplant fritters: eggplants, breadcrumbs, olive oil and parmesan cheese

The Tomato Project


A cherry tomatoes recipe: mozzarella and basil stuffed and deep fried.


The Greek Project


cretan salad and athens adventours by gourmet project

The We Need Ice Project

gelato serving idea_fiordilatte cups with dulce de leche and pancetta flakes

The Skewers Project


scamorza cheese recipe: grilled scamorza skewers with lemon leaves.


The Ceviche Project


an Italian ceviche recipe: sicilian tuna ceviche

The May Fair Project


Matcha & Mozzarella Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms | a May Fair recipe by Gourmet Project

The Food Revolution Project

Oregano Oven Tomato sauce for pasta seasoning ! recipes by gourmet project for Food revolution day


The Picnic Project


tramezzini sandwiches recipes_curry turkey tramezzini

The Bunny Project


How to make chocolate covered spoons.

The Meat Free Project

roman styles artichokes made with mint, breadcrumbs and a hint of liquor


The Burger Project


Italian burger recipes: tuna burger with mint, almonds, pistachios, and fresh and dried tomatoes.

The Winter Brunch Project

dutch baby is my foodie find of the month: I made it boozy and orangy, and I can't stop devouring it cinnamon & counytreau dutch baby cinnamon & counytreau dutch baby I had never tried dutch babies before, it was about time. Now that I have, I came up with my own gourmet version: honey, cinnamon & countreau dutch baby. I love the way I linked flavors between the batter and the sauce… It is a perfect recipe for brunch days or lazy stay-at-home Sundays.

The Afrodita Project


you'll probably end up eating it with your hands: the harem turkey stew One of Allende’s stories (I'm in the afrodita project) is about a globetrotter friend of hers who find herself in a sensual, frightening, extravagant adventure in Egypt. A young beautiful man seduced her with local, delicious homemade (by his mother… um…) food. Eating with their hands was part of the adventure, that made that food (and the story about it) even more delightful. Well, if you want to try… here’s a great turkey stew recipe!


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