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an Italian tomato salad recipe by Gourmet Project_an Italian cooking blog (3)



authentic Italian recipes

sicilian eggplant caponata with almonds, honey, olives and basil

Italian pasta recipes

Oregano Oven Tomato sauce for pasta seasoning ! recipes by gourmet project for Food revolution day

Italian appetizers recipes

A luscious black kale bruschetta recipe with olive oil and red chili.


salads & sides recipes

winter puntarelle salad recipe with an olive oil, anchovies and pesto emulsion

Italian pizza recipes

pizza bianca recipe by Gourmet Project

Italian bread recipes

An Italian flat bread recipe: piadina romagnola


Italian dessert recipes

Italian crema pasticcera recipe by Gourmet Project


Italian fish    recipes

Heavenly good pesce spada alla ghiotta: a Sicilian swordfish recipe with tomatoes, olives and capers.


Italian meat recipes

lemon spaghetti and meatballs recipe by gourmet project


healthy Italian recipes

Italian salad recipes: a pan-roasted potato and pesto salad recipe

Italian vegetarian recipes

a fried pizza recipe by Gourmet Project: stracchino and pistachio stuffed savory cannoli

Italian Spring recipes

a healthy, easy, savory zucchini bread loaf recipe, with spring chives (and a few flowers)


Italian Fall  recipes

kale pesto recipe, made crunchy by almonds, sweet by raisins and fancy by dried tomatoes

Italian Winter recipes

a decadent mushroom soup recipe cooked in aromatic parmesan broth

Italian Christmas recipes

Sometimes you need a touch of vintage gold. Especially if you want a new way to decorate the very Italian and very authentic Italian struffoli recipe.


easy Italian recipes

Italian stracciatella marinated in olive oil, garlic and fresh basil leaves

Italian dinner recipes

pasta con pesto di pistacchi, fatto con olio d'oliva e noce moscata. più la pancetta, per il croccante

recipes from around the world

crunchy bean and roasted coconut salad with all the goodness of balinese slow cooking


Italian cuisine is not just food & recipes, it’s a lifestyle


You are here because a higher power (google, pinterest, facebook?) brought you here.

Considering you might be an Italian food passionate

A seeker of pleasure, slow living and, probably, wine 🙂

Just like me.



To fulfill your destiny, please note this:

You’ll have to change the way you see your kitchen, grocery shopping and everyday life.

Italian cooking is about time and dedication.

Italian recipes are about celebrating flavors, about choosing the best damn tomato, about refining your palate.



You don’t need it in your DNA, and you don’t need to live in Italy.

But you need a guide.

And yes, that’s me.

Claudia Rinaldi | Gourmet Project


If you want to cook like an Italian (and I can understand why), then cook like an Italian!


Be THAT person:


The one that pleasantly sits on the porch at sunset, sipping from a glass of excellent red wine

…while the salsa al pomodoro is simmering on the stovetop.


The one that enjoys the waiting

(probably nibbling from a charcuterie board).


The one that picks the best leaves from the basil plant, inhales the aroma

…and delicately lays them next to the homemade pasta


The one that welcomes a few friends for dinner, to share his latest find:

an Italian aged goat cheese, to be paired with that exquisite Barolo

…that should have decanted perfectly now.



How to let your inner Italian out

First step:

Explore the blog: familiarize!

My recipes are seasonal, mostly from scratch and mostly slow food.

Some are authentic, some are traditional, some are the result of modern Italian cuisine…

(read: a lot of olive oil).

Feel free to explore recipes from the Navigation Menu.

You’ll find:

Italian Recipes by Type: Authentic, Vegetarian, Easy, Healthy and Basic

Italian Recipes by Season: Winter, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall

Italian Recipes by Ingredient: Pasta, Pizza, Vegetables, Cheese, Dessert, Fish, Meat

and Recipes from Around the World

You may also follow or explore one of the thematic Projects, where I explore a regional cuisine, a cooking method or an ingredient.


Second step:

Get your copy of the Gourmet Mag: explore more, go deeper.

The Gourmet Mag: an Italian cooking magazine based in Rome, Italy

Third step:

Put on your apron, open the wine, and see how you’ll be happily dancing around the kitchen!



a blog about real Italian food recipes, Italian food culture and slow food and living


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An Italian Food Magazine with Recipes, Cooking Projects and Bites of Life in Italy





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