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There’s an abominable difference between real Italian food recipes and what I call almost real to fake Italian recipes.

It’s not only a matter of authenticity, traditions, and ingredients, it’s mostly a matter of understanding the Italian food culture… not for everyone.

Silly mistakes often reveal how people haven’t lived and tasted it locally, how they haven’t had the time to properly assimilate the principles of Italian cuisine.

Italian food is about time and dedication.

Italian recipes are about celebrating flavors, not messing up with them, not pouring a flavor over the other: it’s about harmonically pairing and enhancing them.

There’s a lot of fake Italian food out there.

In restaurant menus, in cooking books, and on the web.

Not fair… for Italy, for Italians and for you!

your inner Italian cook

This blog aims to give you the instruments to master Italian food.

Wherever you are, whatever your starting point.

If you want to cook like an Italian (and I can understand why), then cook like an Italian!

I’m revealing you every secret, every technique, every recipe that will help you bring out your Inner Italian cook.

The one that would pleasantly sit on the porch at sunset, sipping from a glass of excellent red wine, while the salsa al pomodoro is simmering on the stovetop.

The one that would enjoy the time waiting for it to be ready (probably nibbling from an aperitivo tagliere on the table).

The one that would pick the best leaves from the basil plant in the garden, inhale the aroma, and delicately lay them next to the homemade pasta, ready to be tossed in boiling water.

The one that would welcome a few friends for dinner to share his latest find: an Italian aged goat cheese, to be paired with the exquisite Barolo he was tasting, and that should have decanted perfectly now.

recipes on the blog

My Italian food recipes are seasonal, mostly from scratch and mostly slow food.

Some are authentic, some are traditional, some are the result of modern Italian cuisine (read: a lot of olive oil).

I live in Rome, I’m half Italian and I love to cook: it was my destiny to have an Italian food blog. It is now my mission to spread good cooking around the world :-).

 Feel free to explore recipes from the Navigation Menu.

You’ll find:

Italian Recipes by Type: Authentic, Vegetarian, Easy, Healthy and Basic

Italian Recipes by Season: Winter, Christmas, Spring, Summer, Fall

Italian Recipes by Ingredient: Pasta, Pizza, Vegetables, Cheese, Dessert, Fish, Meat

and Recipes from Around the World

You may also follow or explore one of the thematic Projects, where I explore a regional cuisine, a cooking method or an ingredient.

going deeper

If you want to go even deeper inside the Italian Food Culture, there’s only one thing left to do: get your Issue of The Gourmet Mag!


a blog about real Italian food recipes, Italian food culture and slow food and living

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