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Since I left my work as HR Manager I entered the soft, shadowy but authentic world of food.

Which is not only cooking, but also developing recipes and menus, taking cute pics, researching, editing, publishing and giving advise.

The hard work of an Italian food blogger… but someone has to do it, right?

Italian food blogger


things I’ve done as a food blogger

I’ve met Michelin starred and super talented chefs and food critics/writers:

Kitchen Aid & Estra Kitchen Tour (with chef Daniele Usai):

KitchenAid Italia & Estra Kitchen (with chef Enrico Cerea & Paolo Vizzari):


things I’ve done as a food consultant

I’ve helped food companies reinvent their offer according to better standards and people’s actual demand:

Compass Group & Luiss Guido Carli University: cafeteria restyling

Compass Group & Bocconi University: bar menu restyling

Compass Group: Brescia University Cafeteria Menu restyling


things I’ve done as a food writer

I’ve written about my traveling experiences:

The Culture Trip –The Greek Islands And Their Mythological Stories

The Culture Trip – Rome’s 5 Best Cooking Schools

and my food experiences:

The IT Factor – The kale bruschetta recipe & the Italian cribs

Al Femminile & Csaba Della Zorza 4 Samsung – Babbo Natale, voglio una casa iper-tenologica!

Al Femminile – Dolcetto o Scherzetto? Il PBJ sandwich americano…

Casa Facile – L’Arte del Ricevere

I’ve held cooking (and drinking) courses and published a wine book:

Amazon – Bibendum

I’ve published an Italian cookbook:

Easy Italian


things I’ve done as a magazine editor

I’ve launched my food magazine (the way a food magazine should be :-)):

This is a slow magazine, with slow food, slow recipes and cozy home activities. This is a magazine you need to read while sitting on a bench, in the park. With soft music in your earphones and a soft blanket around your shoulders. It requires time and dedication. This is a magazine with thematic recipes and projects. Italian regional food, historic eras, festivities… whatever I stumble on and deeply inspires me. Not only recipes, but curiosities, stories and Italian life bites. This is a seasonal magazine. This is a no ads magazine. This is the food magazine I’ve always been looking for in newsstands, not found it… made it myself. The vintage gold issue is dedicated to: regional Italian Christmas recipes delicious homemade foodie gifts a very gold, sparkling themed party winter recipes from a winter garden

which is now at it’s 6th issue 🙂

there’s probably something I’ve missed, and there’s surely more to come, so stay tuned!


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The Gourmet Mag, an Italian Food Magazine for Italian Food Lovers


Italian Winter Recipes by Gourmet Project






Easy Italian


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