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Healthy, Vegan and Vegetarian Buddha Bowl Recipes & How to Make a Buddha Bowl

here’s how to make a Buddha Bowl

& below…

4 ways to make it so delicious you’ll beg me for one more recipe 😉


5 steps to the perfect Buddha Bowl:


Choose your cereal base: rice (brown or red is better), farro, quinoa, couscous, barley…

Whole is the best option. Cook it according to package directions.

I usually portion half handful per bowl.


Choose your protein: usually, Buddha Bowls are a vegan meal, so they call for vegetable proteins, like beans, black beans, chickpeas, pulses (lentils), tofu…

but I’ve also seen (and done) vegetarian egg based and chicken or turkey based bowls.

You choose, according to your taste and nutrition choices.

I usually portion half handful per bowl.


Choose 1-3 veggies.

Lettuce, tomatoes (try dried tomatoes!), endive, cucumber, on the raw side.

Eggplants, zucchini, sugar snap beans, green beans, sweet peppers, sweet potatoes… You can cook them as you like, but opt for “healthy” cooking methods, like grilling or steaming.

I usually portion a handful per bowl.


Add healthy fats: nuts, olives, avocado, extra-virgin olive oil, avocado oil, tahini, chia and other seeds.

I usually mix a little of nuts (or avocado) – 1 tablespoon – and a little of oil – ½ tablespoon.


Savor with herbs and spices.

And here the list becomes endless…

fresh or dried herbs, all the spices from your pantry, a pinch of pink Himalayan salt or Hawaiian red salt (rich in iron!)


That’s it! Mix and savor your super healthy meal!


Here are my Buddha bowls

three of them are Mediterranean buddha bowl recipes, the fourth is a Caribbean “very avocado” recipe.


Enjoy them.

The Italian Buddha Bowl

{a buddha bowl with sugar snap beans, tomatoes, basil and olive oil}

here’s how to make a Buddha Bowl... & below... four ways to make it so delicious you’ll beg me for one more recipe ;-). Get the recipes on Gourmet Project.

The Greek Buddha Bowl

{a summer buddha bowl with olives, oregano, chickpeas and barley}

a summer buddha bowl inspired to greek cuisine: olives, oregano, chickpeas and barley


The Moroccan Buddha Bowl

{red lentils & cous cous with eggplant, walnuts and sunflower seeds}

moroccan style red lentils & cous cous buddha bowl with eggplant, walnuts and sunflower seeds

The Caribbean Buddha Bowl

{brown rice, avocado, black beans, cilantro & flax seeds}

a caribbean and vegetarian buddha bowl: brown rice, avocado, black beans, cilantro & flax seeds



I told you…

you want one more recipe… right?


but it’s a Winter recipe: Pin it on your Winter board 🙂

It’s part of the Moonlight Project {Recipes to help you sleep and have sweet sweet dreams}:


The Kale Buddha Bowl

a raw kale Buddha bowl with lentils, barley, cashews and pomegranate vinaigrette



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