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an Italian Fall bucket list

Here’s my Fall Bucket List

made in Italy

an Italian Fall Bucket List



Have a Roman walk while savoring hot caldarroste (roasted chestnuts) from a street vendor. They’re a delicious treat while window shopping 🙂

Christmas chesnuts in Rome

forest bathing

Have a “forest bath”, the Japanese stress defeating practice called shinrin-yoku (森林浴). Walk, admire and enjoy Nature to detox your body and soul.

an Italian Fall Bucket List



sweet memories

Plan and realize the best Christmas family portraits ever! Matching ugly Christmas jumpers anyone?

an Italian Fall Bucket List

good smells

Find a new Fall simmer pot combo, one that will become the signature perfume of your house.

Fall simmer pot recipes. Get this homemade potpourri recipe and more Italian Fall inspiration on Gourmet Project, an Italian food blog based in Rome.

mindful gifts

Christmas gifts: the sooner the better. No rush, no mess, no absently choosing whatever we find.

How to infuse olive oil and my 5 favorite olive oil recipes. Get the step by step guide for infusing oil with herbs and more Italian DIY infused oils on Gourmet Project, a Rome based Italian food blog.



a gourmet touch

Make truffle olive oil popcorn for gourmet movie nights.

popcorn by gourmet project

get a weekly Italian treat

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explore more Italy

get the Green Issue of the Gourmet Mag!

The Gourmet Mag_an Italian food magazine for Italian food lovers



This is an evolving Fall bucket list. I’ll update it each time new, relevant, and worth telling, information comes to my hand.
Meanwhile… take notes, explore and share with your Italaholic friends :-).


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The Gourmet Mag_Italian food magazine_Yellow Issue_Winter 2018





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