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slow living Italy


slow living Italy pics and stories

Here you’ll find a link to the posts in the blog where there’s something about life in Italy.

A life that is slow, dedicated to food, culture, and pleasures. At least, that’s what we all aim for. Let’s say weekends are easier to be fulfilled with a little dolce vita.

Still, if you take your time, stop for a minute while running from a place to another, you’ll find inspiration EVERYWHERE.

From the floral attires of the cities to the old men sitting outside bars. From old lazy buildings to beautifully set tables.

I hope this journal of mine helps you embrace the slow path, and inspire your daily life.


click on images to get to the blog post 🙂

Artichokes in the Ghetto

Early Spring in Rome

Carnival in Rome

La Befana

New Year’s Eve

a seaside Christmas in Taranto

a Christmas walk in Rome


Villa Ada’s forest



Taste of Roma culinary adventures



Rome Alone


Bau Beach


Rome summer night’s



Pretty in Pink






Olive Oil Tasting Night



Milano’s chic Christmas



The Ghetto


lunch in Sorrento


Naples’ people



getting married in Vietri sul Mare



slow living Puglia



A Greek Tragedy in the Colosseum


Rome’s White Dinner


wine tasting in Val D’Orcia


scootering Favignana (Sicily)

Carnival in Rome

slow living Italy: Carnival in Rome


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