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romantic Rome events

A romantic 11th century tower in Roma Nord. The perfect venue for weddings, proposals, anniversaries, birthday parties and many other elegant Rome events.

an Italian easter pie

The Italian Easter pie from Sicily: a ricotta pie (crostata) spiced with cinnamon, vanilla and orange zest.

A Tuscan kale recipe: cavolo nero stufato

a tasty Tuscan kale recipe with pancetta     Tuscan kale recipes and homemade remedies What others consider a superfood, Tuscan people consider an everyday ingredient from their tasty traditional cuisine: kale,...

The Gourmet Mag: the Italian Spring Issue

an Italian cooking magazine with seasonal Italian recipes & inspiration   The Italian Spring Issue Spring 2018 Buy Print | Buy PDF the other issues NEW: In Italian the Italian cooking magazine The Gourmet Mag is an Italian cooking magazine that explores authentic and...