not so touristic, not so common, not so known, things to do in Rome

Bought the ticket? Coming to Rome this Spring?

Already here?

here’s what you need to know:

cool things to do in Rome this Summer


explore Ancient Rome by night

through a light show

viaggio nei fori - foro di augusto - august in rome

take a Food Tour in Trastevere

The Roman Guy is your Guy!

The Roman Guy Trastevere Food Tour_Things to do in Rome this Summer



look for alfresco dining spots

with amazing views

dining alfresco in Rome_things to do in Rome this Summer

enjoy lovely chubbyness

Botero is here in Rome!

Botero art show in Rome

watch a Shakespeare play

in Rome’s Globe Theater

things to do in Rome this Summer



explore an Ancient Rome Villa

in the underground of  Palazzo Valentini

things to do in Rome this Summer: Palazzo Valentini

get an Italian treat each week

one bite at the time (sign up for GP’s newsletter)

explore Italian cuisine and culture

get the Tomato Red Issue of the Gourmet Mag!

The Gourmet Mag, an Italian Food Magazine for Italian Food Lovers



take a trip to Argentario

the Tuscan elegant and beautiful promontory

Visit Argentario_things to do in Rome this Summer


This is an evolving list. I’ll update it each time new, relevant, and worth telling, information comes to my hand.
Meanwhile… take notes, explore and share with your Italaholic friends :-).