Ciao amici,
Come sono andati i vostri festeggiamenti cioccolatosi? How were your chocolatey celebrations?
villa ada
I ate tons of chocolate. I'm not a dessert person, but I love chocolate. I could have a whole meal of chocolate and want more the next day. Contrary to a fair share of Italians, I dislike dark and only eat milk and white chocolate. So imagine me waking up on Easter morning and thinking solely about my beautifully adorned chocolate egg and how good it had to be.
I was also moderately excited about the surprise I'd find inside; quite sure it'd be at least decent. Last year - or was it two years ago? - I found a charm inside the Baratti e Milano egg I had purchased online. It was a cute little thing, but refined, classy... in pure Torinese style.

Let's say my bookmark/ruler wasn't ugly...
So I decided to survey and ask family and friends to send me pics of their surprises.
To my stupefaction, practically every adult answered they don't get eggs for themselves. They were either uninterested or found it a shame to pamper themselves like a kiddo.
My closer family, though, gave me the satisfaction I was looking for.

Excluding my younger brother, who was in London, my mom got an eraser:
my sister got Ferrero Rochers, yes, inside the Ferrero Rocher egg, and yes, hilarious:
my brother, a soccer fanatic, probably got the best present: an AS Roma keychain.
For the kids, instead, pictures of tiny classic and modern (meaning totally unknown to me) fantasy character toys filled my Whatsapp:
I ate my chocolate, laughed a bit, and closed the topic. I'll try next year and the year after. Cause things, luckily, change. Sometimes for the worse, sometimes for the better.
Like Pasquetta weather! It was, for the first time in years, simply perfect! Nature gifted us with a glorious day. Sunny and warm enough to fall asleep and let our bodies slowly digest the pantagruelian picnic.

We had the unmissable Corallina salami.

The totally out-of-season-but-who-cares roasted bell peppers Luca had prepared the day before.
The Tuscan liver patè we cooked that same morning - when we saw the tray of chicken livers on the butcher's counter, we knew it was our destiny.
White ragù lasagna and Pastiera from our neighborhood pasta lab.
Apulian Bombette that Luca decided to be an unmissable tradition to our family.
Asparagus because it's Spring.

Pinterest-inspired sweet skewers.
And Tuscan red wine to "annaffiare", water, the meal - an Italian expression.
The decor theme was flowery. Flowery were my metallic-pen embroidered eggs. Flowery were the cakestand, plates, napkins, and cups. And flowery were the playing cards! We tried to play poker, got bored because we didn't have fiches to bet, and ended up playing Scopa.
In my Jane-Austen attempted style, we also read a few poems by Alda Merini (my Befana gift from Luca!).
And since my interest in pagan rituals and traditions never runs out, we buried a red-dyed egg as Ancient Romans did, as a blessing for land prosperity. Adding one of the clay seed bombs I got from my essential oil favorite shop came naturally.
red egg
We had a notable load between food, blanket, tableware, and entertainment. So we used Luca's kick scooter as a carrier.
To be repeated!


Before it's old news, I want to say something about the whole Michelangelo's David pornographic accusations. It came to my mind upon waking up one day.
Nudity scares us because when naked, we are all different. While dressed, we can conform.
That's it, belli miei. Let's all go take a long deep look at our naked selves in the mirror, and, for once, let's honor and celebrate our diversities.



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