Ciao amici,
Come va la vostra Primavera? How's your Spring so far?
I am enjoying "primizie", the early produce of the season, and focusing on something kind of new: their evolution. How flavors change, evolve and sweeten every time I bring home a bag of loquats or strawberries.
It is foodie mindfulness, I guess. Probably part of my rediscovered appreciation for Spring.
Although it's not been that easy... the alternation between - heavy - rainy, and summery days is sometimes exhausting. Adapting to change is a lost art.
But then, on your walk from grocery shopping, you see and smell this:
Or you go to your parents and find this on their terrace:
Or you take your laptop to the park and soak in all the sun, all the renovated energy, and every emotion only change can generate.
And even this is novelty, even this is the beauty brought by the rainstorms:
And it's enough.
villa Torlonia
But today, I'm also taking you to a newly opened - and until June 2023 - venue in Rome: the Torre Moresca.
You may remember a few months ago when I brought you to the Serra Moresca - read about it here.
Well, now, the tower behind it - what was formerly a dining room! - has been totally restored, adding hues to the portrait of that immensely privileged life.
On the first floor you encounter after climbing the spiral staircase is the round kitchen. The center is holey as it was, at the time, occupied by an elevating table. The table was perfectly set, filled with viands, and magically (through an engineering mechanism) brought upstairs.
The dining room is another round room with arabesque, colored geometries on the windows - the same as the greenhouse.
dining room
Behind the windows, instead of balconies, were aquariums.
The floor is adorned with ceramics from my beloved Vietri.
And the center used to host a rounded sofa. When lunch or dinner was ready, the (I think I heard velvety) sofa rose from the ground, becoming a canopy and leaving place to the abovementioned table! Imagine!
My appetite for the past, my daydreaming of time traveling, is constantly fed in this city. If there's something for me to be grateful for today, it is this.
That's it, amici miei. My wish for you for this Sunday is to daydream and fantasy travel. Some will call us absent-minded, and some will accuse us of wasting our time.
We know what they are missing.



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