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Here in Rome, it is hot, scorching hot, so I'm mostly sheltering at home, working, reading, and listening to music.

I came up with an idea inspired by my recent Spoleto adventures: a poetry-aperitivo ritual. Wine or iced beer accompanied by the reading of a poem. Just one. To have the time to savor each verse and let the intentions decant. Sweet and Slow.
Want to join the spirits and poetry club? Here's a poem by Mariannina Coffa, a poetess from Noto, Sicily. I first proposed it to you on Ortigia's Simposio. But it came back at the proper time.
An Etna Rosato would be the perfect accompaniment, just like any Sicilian, or at least mineral, rosè! And almonds, tarallini from Puglia, and Cocunci (caper berries), for lavish nibbling.
Chi... chi mi nega il sovrumano incanto Onde ignota mi struggo, e m’innamoro
È mia quest’arte, e me l’ha data il pianto, Nè può comprarla ogni mondan tesoro. Ma tu venduto alla malia dell’oro,
Ogni alto affetto ogni alto gaudio infranto, Non sai che donna può levarsi al canto,
E ornar la fronte per sudato alloro!
Non sai che Amor favella al mio pensiero; E sì l’alma sublima e sì la schiara,
Che i cieli abbraccia e l’universo intero!
Io ti compiango, ti perdono... e oblio —
È misero, non reo, chi non impara
Ch’arte è natura, e che natura è Dio.
Those... who deny me the superhuman charm Whence I am consumed and fall in love
This art is mine, and it was given to me by weep, Nor can it be bought by every worldly treasure. But you, sold under the spell of gold,
Every high affection, every high joy breached,
Don't know that a woman can rise to chant,
And adorn her forehead with sweated laurel!
You don't know that Love speaks to my thoughts; And yes, it sublimates the spirit, and yes, it clears it, That it embraces heaven and the entire universe!
I pity you, I forgive you... and oblivion -
Miserable, not guilty, is one who does not learn
That art is nature, and that nature is God.

Mariannina Coffa, l’”Inspirata” - Noto, 1841 – 1878
That's it for this week, belli miei. Today, pick a flower and adorn yourself!



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