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Italian winter recipes

Here are my Italian winter recipes: seasonal and delicious dishes made with winter produce and warming recipes.

Discover traditional recipes like the juicy roman artichokes, the rich Tuscan bean soup, and the sweet chiacchiere to celebrate Carnival!

Learn to make polenta from scratch or a savory oatmeal soup.

Go healthy with the black kale pesto, the Sicilian orange and fennel salad, or a protein-packed pasta e fagioli.

Pamper yourself and your family with a nourishing zabaglione, a sausage pasta or polenta sauce, or a fancy porcini risotto.

These are authentic Italian winter recipes to battle the cold but also enjoy the coziness of the season!

how to make a cheese board

how to make a cheese board

How to make an Italian cheese board: 7 steps to a perfect Italian cheese board.There are seven fundamental steps to make an Italian cheese board. From choosing three (or more) different kinds of cheese to the accompaniments, from the fruits, to the bread.   how...