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The Chianti Classico issue: a guide to the Tuscan region of wine – and meat, and lovely people. Discover Chianti: where to go, things to do, what to eat and drink, and the traditions of a life-loving culture.

about the Chianti Classico Issue

The Chianti Classico issue of Simposio is a guide to traditional recipes, beautiful pictures, and good reads.

The Chianti region is not just a place to go on vacation or for a road trip (although you should, at least once in your life), but it is also a land of rich culture, folklore, and traditions.

Before going, get your copy of Simposio.

Snuggle on the couch, sip from a glass of good wine, and listen to soft music. There’s so much to learn, so much to devour (with your eyes), and so much to put in your travel bucket list!


In the Chianti Classico issue:

  • 115 pages
  • 113 pictures
  • 25 recipes
  • 5 Projects
  • a lot of wine




| Travel

08 Chianti Classico

26 A Day In The Life

32 An Interview

34 Chianti Wine

36 Besides Chianti

38 Eating In Chianti


| Culture

87 Carnival Tricks

93 Eurotrash

94 Uovo Battuto

96 The Way We Eat Out

98 Figurine Panini


| Projects

06 Bucket List

100 The Winter Project

102 Eucalyptus

106 Birthday

108 The Rosemary Project


| Recipes

40 Spleen Crostini

42 Red Crostini

44 Chianti Tuna

46 Pici

48 Crumbles Pici

50 Chianti Ragu

52 Chianti Stracotto

54 Drunken Pork

56 Chianti Marrowbones

58 Sweet-Strong Boar

60 Chianti Rooster

62 Chianti Broth

64 Redone Boil

66 Glutton Potatoes

68 Grape Tomatoes

70 Cantucci Cookies

72 Africans

74 Pine Nut Crunch

76 Chianti Pears

79 Kale Soup

80 Chickpeas Soup

82 Chianti Acquacotta

84 Ribollita Soup

88 Rice Fritters

90 Berlingozzo Bundt Cake


about Simposio

Simposio is an Italian recipes, stories, and culture magazine.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, philosophers, artists, and a few lucky ones attended rich banquets followed by wine, singing, dancing, playing, and cultural conversations.
This last part was called Symposium, Simposio in Italian.
And that’s what you will experience when you browse the pages of the magazine: a world of meaningful conversation, inspiring learning, and dionysian pleasures.

Expect the following:

  • exploring the best monuments and secret places
  • things to add to your Italian bucket list
  • local & authentic recipes
  • jokes, beautiful words and expressions
  • culture, habits, and lifestyle
  • seasonal fun and inspiration
  • lovely pictures

A little technical stuff:

  • You can choose between print and digital (Kindle).
  • Servings are for two people, to be duplicated as desired.
  • Measures are in gr, cups, and oz.
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