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This issue of Simposio is a Cinque Terre travel guide book, cookbook, and culture magazine available both in print and pdf. 

Cinque Terre is the Ligurian region of sea, poetry, and anchovies. Discover it in the company of an Italian friend: explore the Cinque Terre – the five lands -, taste the food, learn the culture, meet the people, and take home beautiful photographs.

Cinque Terre travel guide book, cookbook, and culture magazine
a Cinque Terre travel guide book, cookbook, and culture magazine

This issue of Simposio is a slow – very slow – Cinque Terre travel guide book to the places, the food, the traditional recipes, and the local culture of a tiny coastal strip of Liguria’s Riviera.

This issue aims to lead you through the five villages with pictures, stories, anecdotes, and the true point of view of an Italian. I aim to make you experience Italy as I see it: as if you were traveling next to me – and I was tormenting you with my gab and my mental frills. Because traveling, slow and mindful traveling, means seeing the good and the bad and letting things touch you deeply.

Any guide can tell you what to see, what to do, and what to eat, this one goes a bit further. It is a journal, a travelogue, a trip with a nerdy friend that has read and researched all she could find about the places, the people, the traditions: a mindful journey through Italy’s unique heritage. 

Cinque Terre will caress you with its pastel colors, nourish you with its food, make you mad with the overexposure to tourism, and then lull you on the waves of its deep blue sea.






In the Cinque Terre issue:

  • 115 pages
  • 113 pictures
  • 28 recipes
  • 5 Projects
  • a lot of olive oil




| Travel

Cinque Terre






Eugenio Montale

An Interview


| Culture


Nonna Remedies


| Projects

Mother’s Day Basket

Cantamaggio Wreath

Spring Tablescape

The Olive Oil Project


| Recipes

Acciughe di Monterosso

Salsa Marinara

Pesto Genovese

Croxetti or Corsetti

Pesto Pasta with Potatoes and Green Beans


Sarsa de Pignêu

Potato and Pancetta Ravioli



Tiàn de anciue di Vernazza

Gamberi in Sguassetto

Ligurian Green Beans

Pesto Artichokes

Savory Rice Cake

Frittedda from Sicily

Scafata Umbra

Vignarola from Rome

Fava Beans Pesto from Liguria

Pasta with Fresh Garlic

Frittata with Fresh Garlic

Agliata della Valtiberina

Asparagi alla bassanese

Milanese Asparagus

Pasta with Prawns and Asparagus

Swiss Rhubarb Pie

Rhubarb Syrup

Rhubarb Liquor

about Simposio

Simposio is an Italian recipes, stories, and culture magazine.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, philosophers, artists, and a few lucky ones attended rich banquets followed by wine, singing, dancing, playing, and cultural conversations.
This last part was called Symposium, Simposio in Italian.
And that’s what you will experience when you browse the pages of the magazine: a world of meaningful conversation, inspiring learning, and dionysian pleasures.

Expect the following:

  • exploring the best monuments and places
  • things to add to your Italian bucket list
  • local & authentic recipes
  • jokes, beautiful words and expressions
  • culture, habits, and lifestyle
  • lovely pictures

A little technical stuff:

  • You can choose between print and digital (Kindle).
  • Servings are for two people, to be duplicated as desired.
  • Measures are in gr, cups, and oz.
Cinque Terre by Simposio
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