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Receive weekly or monthly (depending if there’s something to say) cooking tips & delights from Italy.
All the Delicious Recipes from the Trilussa Project of the Red & Orange Issue

What to expect

A cooking tip, a story, a new ingredient to try, or a must have recipe: all the inspiration you need to nourish your inner Italian!


It’s not just the food…

  • It’s the way we WAIT for a wine to decant.
  • It’s the way we spend hours CHATTING (and gesticulating), in the middle of a piazza.
  • It’s the way we always dine ALFRESCO (at least when it’s not raining or snowing).
  • It’s the way we WALK through the city for hours, in search of the perfect spot.
  • It’s the way we always have FRESH bread and veggies.
  • It’s the way we respect ingredients and the PACE OF TIME.
  • It’s the way we ENJOY LIFE.

It’s time for YOU to join the dark bright side!



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