welcome to

the floral issue

…a journey through Taranto’s (Puglia) food, lifestyle and traditions.

Plus: pasta, Spring recipes and inspiration, Rome’s secret places and a lot of slow living!


about this issue

Hello Italian food lovers!

Welcome to the Floral Issue of the Gourmet Mag, a seasonal (4 issues per year) Italian cookbook and culture magazine, made in Rome.
A journal about Italian food, culture, and Italy’s way of life.

In this issue, we will travel to Taranto, (Puglia, Italy), the city of the two seas. We will investigate everyday life, authentic old world Italian recipes, and magical places you cannot miss when you visit the heel of the peninsula.
Consider it a Puglia travel guide, or better, a travelogue. With traditions, customs, and food of Puglia.

We will also also talk about Spring in Rome, the places to go, what people do, secret spots to uncover and live the city like never before. What happens to locals when the good season explodes? The good, the bad and, simply, what real life is all about.


Don’t you feel the urge to re-encounter your friends after the last months of coldness and laziness? That’s why I collected a few recipes and decor ideas for you.
And when you’re alone and want to enjoy your own company… some DIY, to make things to cuddle your body and soul!



  • Puglia recipes;
  • vegetarian delights;
  • party pancetta (to balance);
  • picnic basket goodies;
  • ketchup all’italiana
  • Roman gelato;
  • and more…


Italian Culture:

  • merenda time;
  • modern and contemporary art in Rome;
  • what pugliesi eat, think and do;
  • and more…


Home Life:

  • floral hostess gifts;
  • dinner party ideas for your alfresco gatherings;
  • an Easter chocolate cake;
  • and… guess…
  • more!



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