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Simposio magazine: the Siena issue

The Siena issue of the Simposio magazine is a cookbook filled with traditional and authentic recipes and a slow travel magazine featuring beautiful places, legends, characters, and traditions.
Siena is the city of the horse Palio, of folly people, and delicious sweets.
This issue will let you plunge into the folly, meet people from the present and the past, and cook unforgettable dishes.

Snuggle on the sofa, pour yourself a glass of red wine, light a candle, and put on good music: your Siena adventure is about to begin!

a Siena cookbook and slow travel magazine

rome cookbook and slow travel magazine

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In the Siena issue:

  • 115 pages
  • 113 pictures
  • 25 recipes
  • 40+ pages of travel guide and culture bites
  • a lot of folly ♥
  • beautiful Siena pics


no advertising;
no sponsors;
100% made in Italy and printed locally;
servings, whenever possible, for two people, duplicable as desired;
measures in gr, cups, and oz, whenever possible.

FROM THE siena issue:

The Tuscan city of Palio, delicious sweets, and Middle Ages.
But there’s more, much more. Behind the big show, behind the brownish brick walls, behind the fancy patisseries.
There’s passion – some, including me, would say folly – and there’s pride.
In this issue, we will be swept away by the folly of poets, waters, husbands, economics, friars, painters, and the seventeen Contrade of Siena.
We will also experience the universe of Middle Ages apothecaries and prepare one of their potent remedies at home!
Further in time, we will meet Etrurians, an indigenous population of the Tuscan lands, and sit at their tables to savor their dishes, discovering the flavors and ingredients that put a base to Tuscan cuisine.
We will also explore Siena’s traditional food: recipes from the countryside farms, from the noble palaces, and right out of Nonnas’ ovens!
Finally, we will cuddle our jaded souls with some winter pleasures: healthy and tasty treats, Italian traditions, and home decor inspiration.
Siena will be a new destination of our emotional journey through Italy. Our way to honor and preserve the country’s heritage, past, and present through a different traveling style: slower, deeper, more mindful.
Pour yourself a glass of red wine, spread some toasted bread with olive patè, play some jazzy music, relax and dive into Siena’s emotional world.

Recipes are in grams, ounces, and cups whenever possible. Servings are mostly for two, but you can duplicate as desired.
Remember to read the recipes all the way. It helps a lot. First, you are conscious of the ingredients and the tools that you will need; second, you will behave intentionally, knowing, in broad terms, what’s coming next.
I also recommend gathering all the ingredients on your working station before starting to cook. I try to indicate peeling, chopping and dicing at the best timing, but if you want to make things easier, you can prep them before you begin.
Most of the ingredients are easily gatherable, and I try to give you substitutes any time I consider it feasible with decent results. I’ve seen Prosciutto, Pecorino, tomato paste (passata, not sauce), pelati, Italian sausages, and mozzarella in many supermarkets abroad.
You might need to search a bit for 00 flour. Guinea fowl and pigeon are not common meats, but if you find a good butcher, you can certainly order them – and you’ll find out later why I recommend doing so. You can substitute fresh brewer’s yeast with the dry version; the proportion is 3:1 – divide the fresh grams/ounces per three. You need dried Porcini mushrooms and Pici pasta, but I guess you can find them online. Remember that Italian cuisine uses many fresh herbs and spices and that mozzarella can be “fiordilatte” (cow milk) or “bufala” (buffalo milk).
Finally, use good quality wine for cooking, it goes in your body just like the one you drink, and it does change the flavor of your food! Plus, you can savor it afterward while savoring your creations.

Benvenuti a Siena.



| Travel
08 Siena
10 Folly
12 Folly Poet
14 Folly Husbands
16 Folly Waters
18 Twins
20 Folly Economics
22 Folly Hedonists
24 Folly Academies
26 Assicurate
28 Folly Games
30 Folly Women
32 Summer Folly
36 Interview
38 Folly Traditions
39 Folly Eyes
40 Folly Forger
42 Am I Folly?
48 Religious Folly

| Culture
50 Apothecaries
55 Etrurians
67 Cibo

| Projects
06 Bucket List
52 Artichoke Decoction
108 Seasonal Home Decor
110 Flowery Coriandoli

| Recipes
56 Quail Eggs and Thyme
58 Prosciutto and Pecorino
60 Mushroom Crostini
62 Fava Beans Soup
64 Etrurian Guinea Fowl
68 Sausage Crostoni
70 Herbal Pecorino
72 Black Eyed Peas Soup
74 Kale & Pancetta Pici
76 Sienese Ragu
78 Sienese Pigeon
80 Ribs & Olives
82 Sage Tart
84 Tomato Eggs
86 Stuffed Pizza
88 Panforte Margherita
90 Rice Pudding Cake
92 Zuppa del Duca
94 Pinolata
96 Ricciarelli Cookies
98 Cavallucci Cookies
101 Kale & Prosciutto Soup
102 Mackerel Cereal Bowl
104 Olive Oil Banana Bread
106 Hot Apple Juice

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