The Rome issue of the Simposio magazine is a cookbook filled with traditional and authentic recipes from Rome – and ancient Rome -, and a slow travel magazine issue featuring beautiful places, mythology, and legends about the most enchanting city in the world.

This city is not just a vacation destination but a magical place where beauty reigns. So this is not a regular Rome travel guide book: be ready for it to inundate your eyes, conquer your spirit, and make you believe in things you never thought possible.

This book about modern and ancient Rome will give you a tiny glimpse of the city’s charm, amazing you with a world of forests, nymphs, kings, warriors, gods, popes, and mistresses.

Snuggle on the sofa, pour yourself a glass of red wine, light a scented candle, and put on soft music: your Roman adventure is about to begin!

a Rome cookbook and slow travel magazine

rome cookbook and slow travel magazine
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rome cookbook and slow travel magazine

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In the Rome issue:

  • 115 pages
  • 113 pictures
  • 21 authentic recipes from Rome
  • 60+ pages of travel guide and culture bites
  • a lot of marble ♥
  • beautiful Rome aesthetic


| Rome Travel

08 Rome

10 The Beginning

11 Not in a day

14 Women

16 Vestal

18 Convivio

20 Gladiator

22 Market

24 Hadrian

28 Roma

30 Giulio

32 La Pimpaccia

34 Barcaccia

36 Trevi

| Rome Culture

39 Apicius

52 Lost Gods and Creatures

53 Quirino

54 Fauno and Fauna

56 Carmenta

58 Venus

60 Apollo

64 Diana

66 Mars, Venus, and Vulcan

68 Ceres

70 Bacchus

75 Eat in Rome

98 Saturnalia

| Lifestyle Projects

06 Bucket List

104 Chistmas Projects

105 Simmering Pot

107 Ornaments

108 Gift Wrapping

110 Seven Days

| Traditional Rome and Ancient Rome Recipes

40 Flavored Wine

40 Olive Tapenade

42 Frittata

44 Farro Bowl

46 Chicken Roll

48 Nutty Dates

50 Face Treatment

62 Bay Leaves Liquor

72 Wine Doughnuts

76 Mozzarella Crostini

78 Gricia Pasta

80 Zucchini Carbonara

82 Chickpea Soup

84 Semolina Gnocchi

86 Pasta and Potatoes

88 Dragged Chicory

90 Saltimbocca

92 Ossobuco

94 Ricotta Crostata

96 Maritozzi

106 Funny Sugar Cubes

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