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The Taranto issue of the Simposio magazine is a treasure chest filled with recipes, pictures, stories, and traditions from an ancient city, off the beaten path, in Southern Italy.

In this issue, you’ll cook and savor authentic and traditional recipes from Taranto (Puglia), discover less-known places, experience almost lost traditions, and take a glimpse of the old-world and the contemporary culture of Italy.

a Taranto cookbook and slow travel magazine

Taranto, Italy: the Simposio issue

About Taranto, Italy

Taranto is an Ionian seaside city in the northwestern end of Salento, one of the subregions of Puglia. It is also the historic capital of Magna Graecia, the city of the two seas, of mussels, flamingos, mermaids, and music.
It is part of off-the-beaten-path Italy: real people, real life, real everything! In Taranto, you can witness untouched folklore, bear the glare of locals, and eat authentic traditional food.

The Taranto issue

In this issue, you will explore Taranto, talk to locals, and learn to cook traditional food. You’ll go deep inside traditions, ways of living, and states of mind.
You will hear myths, legends, and tales of gods, sirens, ghosts, whales, and anglers. You’ll get bitten by tarantulas, dance to expel the poison, and rest sipping a lemon granita.
You’ll follow poignant processions and watch fireworks from a tiny fisherman’s boat.
Cook mussels, pasta, bell peppers, fava beans, calamari, and Easter and Christmas sweets.

Ready for a journey through the less known Puglia? Ready for more Italy?
Welcome to Taranto!

Take a look inside:

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What you’ll find in the Taranto issue:

115 pages
113 pictures
20 recipes
60+ pages of travel and culture
a lot of mussels ♥



| Travel

08 Taranto – Gulf, Seas, Position

12 Foundation Legends

14 A Day In Taranto – Bridge, Castle, Museum

30 True, Cruel, Story

36 Nights Like This

38 Women of Taranto

42 Procession

48 Two From Taranto – Beaches, People, Traditions

84 Martina Franca


| Culture

06 Bucket List – Instagram People, Wines,

26 Angelica

28 Rodolfo

32 A Mermaid

34 Dance Therapy – Tarantole & Tarantolate

54 Old Pictures

105 Ranunculus

106 Packages From The South

108 Pupe Baffute

111 Confetti


| Recipes

56 Taranto’s Food

58 Friselle

60 Puccia Rolls

62 Uccelletti

64 Panzerotti

66 Mussel Tubetti Pasta

68 Riso Patate e Cozze

70 Broccoli Rabe Pasta

72 Fave E Foglie

74 Octopus Salad

76 Stuffed Calamari

78 Scattiata

80 Scarcedde

82 Sannacchiudere

90 Plic Plac Sauce

92 Bocconotti

96 Peas Pesto

98 Buddha Bowl

100 Asparagus Pasta

102 Orange And Asparagus Salad

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