A slow travel Umbria cookbook

Umbria’s Simposio is a Umbria cookbook made in Italy and filled with traditional and authentic Umbria recipes.

While cooking the delicious recipes from Umbria, you’ll visit stunning places and read tales of the local folklore, and you’ll discover touching legends about the green heart of Italy.


The towns of this wonderful region of Italy are beautiful and authentic. They’re full of folklore, typical and local Umbria cuisine offered in any restaurant, tourist attractions, and things to do, see and experience.

This is not a regular Umbria cookbook.

Be ready to tour the region with Umbria recipes. But also with people, their stories, and the myths that have survived the test of time.
This culinary travel adventure through Umbria’s cuisine will catapult you into a world of flavors, fairytales, and pure Italian culture.
So, snuggle on the sofa. Pour yourself a glass of Sagrantino wine. Play an opera by Luigi Mancinelli – a composer from Orvieto. And slowly savor your Umbria cookbook.


The Simposio cookbooks are made in Italy by an Italian author and printed and distributed locally.

The authentic, traditional, classic, and modern recipes are researched locally and accompanied by regional stories, personal anecdotes, beautiful pictures, and Italian culture and folklore.

Umbria travel cookbook
Umbria slow travel cookbook

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Umbria travel cookbook: Gubbio
Umbria travel cookbook: lumachelle recipe
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Umbria slow travel cookbook: tozzetti recipe

In this unique Umbria cookbook, you’ll find:

  • 134 pages
  • 29 authentic regional recipes from Umbria
  • 30+ pages of Umbria stories, traditions, and folklore
  • a lot of pictures ♥
  • 6 Umbrian wines



08 Bucket List

10 Umbria

14 Eating In Umbria

30 Perugia

30 The Griffon

34 Luisa Spagnoli

38 Pinturicchio

48 Gubbio

48 If I Were Little Red Riding Hood

50 Festa Dei Ceri

60 Orvieto

60 A Winter In Orvieto

72 Spoleto

72 If I Were A Hippie

82 Montefalco

82 A Year Of Celebrations

86 Umbria Wines

94 Norcia

94 Religion, Today

108 Scheggino

108 Viva Le Donne



120 Stelle Di Natale


16 Crescia Bread

18 Chestnut and Chickpeas Soup

20 Chicken And Rabbit Fricco

22 Pollo Alla Cacciatora

24 Porchetta Duck

26 Raisin Pancotto

28 Biscotti Della Trebbia

42 Farro Alla Perugina

44 Gobbi Alla Perugina

46 Torello Alla Perugina

54 Patè’ All’Eugubina

56 Acquacotta Di Gubbio

58 Imbrecciata Soup

66 Lumachelle Orvietane

68 Pizza Gialla

70 Torta Di Orvieto

76 Strangozzi

78 Strangozzi Alla Spoletina

80 Crescionda Di Spoleto

90 Gnocchi Al Sagratino Passito

92 Tozzetti

94 Attorta

102 Marjoram Oil

104 Spaghetti Alla Norcina

106 Lenticchie In Bianco

108 Lu Pizzallocu

114 Lumachine Alla Schegginese

116 Uovo Lento Al Tartufo

124 Boiled Chestnuts

126 Grape Juice Overnight Oatmeal

128 Nonna Clara’s Mackerel Pasta

130 Broccoli Cream And Grilled Swordfish Pasta

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