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Christmas (and more) in Italy

about the Gourmet Mag

Dive into Italy: there’s good food, extraordinary landscapes, infinite heritage, and unexpected adventures.

The Gourmet Mag is an Italian seasonal cookbook and a travelogue.

In each issue, I’ll walk you through a different city or region. We will go deep inside food culture, stories, lifestyle, and traditions.

Expect the following:
exploring the best monuments and secret places
things to add to your Italian bucket list
local & authentic recipes
jokes, beautiful words and expressions
culture, habits, and lifestyle
seasonal fun and inspiration
lovely pictures

A little technical stuff:
You can choose between print and digital (Kindle).
Servings are for two people, to be duplicated as desired.
Measures are in gr, cups, and oz.

about the Vintage Gold issue

In this issue, we will explore Italian Christmas. Italian Christmas dishes, gifts, and traditions.

I chose my favorite recipes from North to South and created an Italian Christmas menu for you.

Next, I collected 4 homemade Christmas gifts ideas that are super easy, but very cute and delicious!

You’ll also find a collection of Winter activities and DIY inspiration for the cold Winter days and a tiny guide to Orvieto, a small Italian town near Rome.

Finally, for New Year’s resolutions, I added simple healthy Italian recipes that are also good and tasty. You’ll adore them!

That’s it! Ready for an Italian Winter experience?


enjoy the journey!




  • The ultimate Italian festive menu: Kale Bruschetta, Tortelli di Zucca, Black Canederli, Pesce Spada alla Ghiotta & Neapolitan Struffoli.
  • Special homemade gifts to spread happy moments around: Chocolate Enfleurage, Homemade Extracts, Cinnamon Stirrers and Gold Sugar.
  • A decadent Christmas style: a vintage table, Renaissance Gift Wrapping and Sablè Breton Cookies with Frangipane Cream.
  • Winter Magic: Homemade Warming Lotion Bars, a Stars & Champagne Party to cheer you up, the secrets to getting Perfect Homemade Gnocchi & a delicious Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe.
  • From the Winter Garden: meet and cook Spiny Pumpkin aka Chayote, meat-free Monday artichokes pesto, a Hot Broccoli Salad and Pear Infused Rum for your hot toddy.
  • Unlocking the medieval doors of the astonishing Orvieto.
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