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the Vintage Pink issue

Are you ready to reconquer your true femininity?

about the Gourmet Mag

Dive into Italy: there’s good food, extraordinary landscapes, infinite heritage, and unexpected adventures.

The Gourmet Mag is an Italian seasonal cookbook and a travelogue.

In each issue, I’ll walk you through a different city or region. We will go deep inside food culture, stories, lifestyle, and traditions.

Expect the following:
exploring the best monuments and secret places
things to add to your Italian bucket list
local & authentic recipes
jokes, beautiful words and expressions
culture, habits, and lifestyle
seasonal fun and inspiration
lovely pictures

A little technical stuff:
You can choose between print and digital (Kindle).
Servings are for two people, to be duplicated as desired.
Measures are in gr, cups, and oz.

about the Vintage Pink issue

In this lifestyle magazine for slow living people and mindful souls, you’ll find Spring recipes, home gatherings, and flower party ideas. DIY Easter ideas, May Day inspiration, ideas for a tea party, and baby shower ideas.

Why is Pink the color of this issue?
Because pink is the best color to represent our inner femininity.

Once an office colleague was making jokes about my pink desk tools (I was in quite a pinkish phase). I stopped for a few seconds, uncertain to blush or react, then I answered: “I’m a woman who’s not afraid of pink.” Big laughs. But how serious is that?

How important it is, in this era, to be proud of our true femininity. To feel free to enjoy gentleness, delicacy, sensibility. To cultivate female energies.

It is our responsibility to not forget, not refuse, not underestimate. To embrace modern womanhood.
We finally have the possibility to choose, consciously, what we like, what we want to do and how we want to do it. If we like pink (and all it represents) we have the right and freedom to color every aspect of our lives!

As you can see out there, the world needs a little more balance. The world needs some pink.

enjoy the super slow, super pink, lifestye magazine!


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