Ciao amici,
Today, I'm sharing random stuff/digital memorabilia: pics and notes I've collected with you in mind. Because yummy, cute, nice to know…

Did you know Scopa (Italian) playing cards are different from region to region? These are the Tuscan ones:
I just found out that small winemakers sometimes numerate their bottles. This, theoretically, indicates that the grape harvest was so small - hence precious - that only a small production was possible, or so it was decided. They're a limited editions!
This is how they served us the homemade Mirto (myrtle, end-of-the-meal, digestive-aiding liquor) at a Sardinian fishy restaurant in Rome at the end of a dinner with friends.
That parable…
The funeral announcement I spotted at a mechanic:

"I will pay"
has passed away
The sad announcement is given by his brother, "I'll pass later", the sister, "Segna (sign me/give me credit)", the nephew, "See you later", the brother in law, "Post-dated", the sister in law, "Wait for me".
In the ceremony, flowers and condolences are not allowed, only Cash.

I found these wild flowers in the - abandoned for the Winter - garden; they open up only when the sun is up:
In Italy, they sell basil with roots still attached and wrapped in wet paper, in case you want to plant it.
Lemons are in season! This still has the blossom attached!
Also in season and more beautiful than ever:
In season, hairy and proud of it:
To me, this is also the season of light (sometimes) and fresh tramezzini. My favorite is tomato and tuna, but the last time I went to my neighborhood cafe, they offered me one with radicchio, tuna, and gorgonzola, the latter a little prevailing but delicious!
If you visit Tuscany, don't miss rice pudding-filled "sfoglie".
In one of my favorite restaurants in Capalbio:
"Don't drive; that you must drink".
Rome is loaded these days… I think we'll have to actuate a limited-number policy sooner or later.
These are Tette Di Monaca (nun teets). I'm gradually realizing there are different regional variations. These (Tuscan) soft sweet buns were something between a mochi and a bao. And filled with crema pasticcera, or pistacchio cream.
An exemplary, seasonal, healthy, balanced, varied Italian lunch. Tomatoes and arugula salad, radish, ricotta, the Roman bread (Ciriola), and endive. If they were all so impeccable!
That's it, cari miei. I hope you enjoyed this mix and match of tiny little things from Italy.



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