Treat yourself to a complete immersion in Maremma’s food, recipes, stories, and traditions.

Discover Maremma (Tuscany, Italy) and its inland, beaches, people, and folklore. Enjoy Maremma’s food and travel mindfully by slowly exploring this wild territory rich in culture and delicious recipes.


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Maremma cookbook and slow travel book


Simposio’s Maremma is a travel cookbook with Maremma’s food and regional recipes framed by stories and legends from this Tuscan subregion.

Enrich your cooking with the places where Maremma’s food was born and the people who first cooked it.
Besides authenticity, I want you to have a little adventure each time you cook and savor a dish. To add a why and a story to your Maremma travel – from the couch or actually there. This means respect for the food on your plate, but also an opportunity to add that tad of magic that makes life unique. Sensations, just like our palate, must be cultivated, cared for, and nourished. And here’s a tiny guide full of passion and genuineness from the tables in Maremma, Tuscany, Italy!

Maremma is the Tuscan region of cowboys, brigands, and family-owned trattorie! Another Tuscany, far from the beautiful Medieval or Renaissance cities. Untamed, wild. Colonized and freed. Forgotten and celebrated. In this Maremma cookbook, we will meet a variety of personages: from eternally hunted outlaws to celebrated grand dukes. Fierce noblewomen defending their family possessions or seducing sultans. Corsairs, monks, deli and cafè owners, butchers, street market vendors, travel agents, and winemakers.

Maremma cookbook and slow travel book

What you’ll get:

  • OLD PERCHED TOWNS. You’ll climb up perched towns to see breathtaking sights and maybe catch a witch flying by or guarding a millennial olive tree.
  • ETRURIAN CULTURE. You’ll follow the traces of Etrurians, of their cults and gods, and try to uncover the secrets they’ve left behind.
  • TIME-TRAVELING. You’ll travel through the eras: the Middle Ages, the Spanish domination, the left wing…
  • ITALIAN BEACH LIFE. On the shores, you’ll meet the Italian crowds searching for “la bella vita”, ladies bent over the sand to collect Telline (clams), and anglers at work to preserve their traditional fishing practices.
  • AUTHENTIC RECIPES. You’ll gather herbs to make delicious authentic Maremma food and regenerate your tired limbs in thermal springs born of a god’s bolt.​
Maremma cookbook and slow travel book
  • BUTTERI COWBOYS. Through food, you will witness the outdoor life and cuisine of the Butteri (horsemen) of Maremma. 
  • ITALIAN-JEWISH HERITAGE. Always through authentic Maremma recipes, you’ll learn more of the still vivid heritage of the Italian-Jewish communities. 
  • FOOD HISTORY. You’ll also learn how the smallest towns have exported recipes that have become the national food of… France! How terrible memories have evolved into delicious treats, and how scraps and unsold cuts have combined to give birth to extraordinary triggers for your taste buds. From wild boar to seafood, from ricotta to nutty Christmas sweets, you will learn how to cook real Maremma food.​
Maremma cookbook and slow travel book

There’s so much to discover about this beautiful land’s past and present, so much to enjoy! So let the adventure begin: go get your cookbook and start making delicious Maremma food!

Maremma cookbook and slow travel book


The Simposio cookbooks are made in Italy by an Italian author and printed and distributed locally.

The authentic, traditional, classic, and modern recipes are researched locally and accompanied by local stories, personal anecdotes, beautiful pictures, and Italian culture and folklore.


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In this Maremma cookbook, you’ll find:

  • 205 pages
  • 100+ pictures
  • 27 authentic Maremma food recipes
  • stories and legends
  • cowboys and witches
  • Italian culture bites


06 Welcome To Maremma

08 Cooking Notes

10 Maremma Grossetana

14 Grosseto

18 Manciano

22 Eating In Maremma

26 Pici Porro, Guanciale E Pecorino

28 Ciaffagnoni

30 Sorano

36 Fagioli Neri Di Sorano

40 Egg Pasta Dough

44 Sugar And Cinnamon Tortelli

48 Pitigliano

54 Cauliflower Crostini

56 Fennel Flowers

60 Vinegar Chicken

68 Masconod

72 Minestra Di Esaù

74 Tuna Polpettone

76 Sfratti

80 Saturnia

84 Chestnut Tortelli

88 Castagnaccio Di Saturnia

90 Magliano In Toscana

96 Tortelli Maremmani

98 Ricotta Soup

100 Castiglione Della Pescaia

106 Campigliese

108 Orbetello

112 Bottarga Spaghetti

114 Scottiglia Di Orbetello

118 Topini

120 Giannella

122 Feniglia

124 Porto Ercole

128 Cuttlefish And Potatoes

130 Caldaro

134 Porto Santo Stefano

142 La Rosa Dei Venti

148 Pagnottelle Di Natale

152 Isola Del Giglio

160 Panficato

164 Capalbio

168 Tiburzi

174 Crostino Maremmano

178 Acquacotta Di Capalbio

182 Capalbio Wild Boar

186 Butteri

190 Rigatoni Alla Buttera

194 Fiorentina

196 Maremma Wines



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Maremma cookbook and slow travel guide

Snuggle on the couch, pour yourself a glass of Morellino Di Scansano or Bianco di Pitigliano, light a candle, and put on soft music: your Maremma region exploration is about to begin!