Ciao belli!!!
The Random (hopefully fun) Facts from Rome (and beyond) column is back! For new friends, I share random stuff/digital memorabilia: pics and memos I've collected during my everyday life here. Things I find yummy, pretty, or simply interesting…

Someone must have had a lot of fun last night... just kidding! This is, most probably, one of the dirty pranks played on newly graduated by their friends! In my experience, the Northern you go, the dirtier. I once saw almost pornographic vignettes of the most uptight girl that studied with me hung all over the university walls. She didn't blink an eye. Neither did her parents. They were from Treviso.
Hurray for Summer produce!
zucchini blossoms
It's the season of dinner-on-the-terrace invitations! This was the lovely table set by my neighbor Francesca:
tables cape
It's here, too: gelato season!
Horror story: Prosecco Rosato in plastic bottles at the market!
After a year of planning, maybes, and next week, we finally had an aperitivo at one of our neighborhood wineries: Roberto's panzanella, with a very Roman addition of anchovies, was divine. Not to mention the wine he matched!
If you find city nights strangely deserted, it's because Romans are driving south to Ostia or North to Fregene for aperitivi or dinners on the sand. I'm rarely one of them, but this was a special occasion: my sister's birthday party on the beach!
In Rome, motorbikes are everywhere, even inside the porch of a church:
My banana peels' new destination: soaked overnight to release potassium. Then discarded. The resulting water should be a great fertilizer!
banana water
My mom's roses, as big as my palm!
As-seen-on-Pinterest try:
The Latin inscription on this building in Rome:
Happy home, happy inhabitants
A lot of people rediscovering the old tradition of Pineta picnics!
These cornetti were art masterpieces!
This person, "poet of the greenhouse" (serra, but if an r was taken away, it'd be night), is writing all over the trash cans in the neighborhood:

You look for the best
According to canons
In habits and customs
Now so unanimous
Look for it instead
In what is different
In what is hidden
Or dispersed
That's it, cari miei. I hope you enjoyed this mix-and-match too. Have a lovely Sunday of tiny little pleasures!



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