Simposio’s Chianti Classico Cookbook: Chianti’s wine region food recipes

Simposio’s Chianti Classico cookbook is a slow travel guide to Chianti’s wine region and Chianti’s food, recipes, and culture.

a Chianti's wine region cookbook and slow travel guide

Chianti slow travel guide


Simposio’s “Chianti Classico” is a slow travel cookbook with traditional recipes, beautiful places, pictures, and hints of the culture of the Chianti wine region.

Tuscany’s Chianti wine region is not just a place to go on vacation or for a road trip, but a land of infinite heritage, folklore, and traditions.

Before going, get your copy of Simposio’s Chianti Classico, snuggle on the couch, sip from a glass of good wine, and put on a soft music playlist. Then start your exploration of Chianti’s food, Chianti’s recipes, and Chianti’s amazing legacy!

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In this beautiful Chianti’s wine region travel cookbook, you’ll find:

  • An introduction to Chianti Classico’s wine region
  • “A Day In The Life”, a short story set in Chianti
  • An Interview with a local
  • A sweet, short guide to Chianti wines
  • A warm-up on Chianti’s food

  • Authentic Chianti recipes, like:
    • Spleen Crostini
    • Red Crostini
    • Chianti Tuna
    • Pici
    • Crumbles Pici
    • Chianti Ragu
    • Chianti Stracotto
    • Drunken Pork
    • Chianti Marrowbones
    • Sweet-Strong Boar
    • Chianti Rooster
  • Chianti’s Broth
  • Redone Boil
  • Glutton Potatoes
  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Cantucci Cookies
  • Africans
  • Pine Nut Crunch
  • Chianti Pears
  • Kale Soup
  • Chickpeas Soup
  • Chianti Acquacotta
  • Ribollita Soup
  • Rice Fritters
  • Berlingozzo Bundt Cake

Plus, a few hints on Italian culture, such as:

  • Carnival Tricks
  • Eurotrash
  • Uovo Battuto
  • The Way We Eat Out
  • Figurine Panini
Chianti travel cookbook
Chianti travel cookbook
Chianti travel cookbook
Chianti travel cookbook

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Enjoy Chianti, enjoy the real Tuscany!