Italian Colors: an Italian newsletter from Rome

Italian Colors is a weekly Italian newsletter from Rome that will color your inbox with insights on Italian culture, lifestyle, food, and travel.


My Italian newsletter comes with:

  • a free sample of the last SIMPOSIO
  • previews of the SIMPOSIO cookbooks
  • weekly stories from Rome and beyond
  • beautiful photos of Rome and other places in Italy
  • cooking tips
  • Italian traditions and folklore

An Italian newsletter about Italy, truly

If you have Italian heritage, if you love this charming country, or simply were meant to be born in Italy, this is the best Italian newsletter to cultivate your passions and go deeper into the culture, the cuisine, and the beauty.

Every week, the Italian Colors newsletter will enrich your life with a cooking tip, a story, a tradition, or a glance of life in Italy: all the inspiration you need to nourish both your body and soul!

All this will come from my personal experience living in Rome, from my visits to Italian cities, and from my talks to the gente (people in Italian) I meet.

Italy is not just the food…

  • It’s the way we WAIT for a wine to decant.
  • It’s the way we spend hours CHATTING (and gesticulating), in the middle of a piazza.
  • It’s the way we always dine ALFRESCO (at least when it’s not raining or snowing).
  • It’s the way we WALK through the city for hours, in search of a bellissimo (beautiful in Italian) spot.
  • It’s the way we always have FRESH bread and veggies.
  • It’s the way we respect ingredients and the PACE OF TIME.
  • It’s the way we ENJOY LIFE.

It’s time for YOU to join the dark bright side! Italian delights and a fun, authentic Italian newsletter are waiting for you.



Here are a few examples of my Italian newsletter: I talk about my daily life in Italy, customs, traditions, and people. I sometimes add a recipe or a cooking tip. And I always send pictures of Rome or any place in Italy I am visiting that week!

Ready to dive in?