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My everyday life in Italy journalling and blog posts: pics, home life, Rome and Italian travel adventures.

How’s life in Italy today?

There’s a lot of grocery shopping, a lot of cooking, beauty and art everywhere, and a lot of traditions.
Here you’ll find my little adventures, everyday life pics, and the blog posts about Italy’s way of life, at least the one I witness.

life in Italy pics and insta journaling

life in Italy: wedding invitation


a wedding invitation!

life in Italy: sea urchins


sea urchins in a garage

life in Italy: Trastevere


dinner in Trastevere

life in Italy: burrata pasta


burrata pasta at home

life in Italy: maritozzi


making maritozzi!

life in Italy: horse police


horse riding police

life in Italy: Coppedè


a walk in the Coppedè neighborhood

life in Italy: aperitivo party


aperitivo party at home

life in Italy: Fori


Ancient Rome in modern Rome

life in Italy: Fori Imperiali


Fori Imperiali

life in Italy: matching mask


matching mask and hat

life in Italy: Vatican Museums


visit to the Vatican Museums

life in Italy: homemade pesto


homemade pesto

life in Italy: Villa Ada


my favorite spot in villa Ada: the temple of Flora

life in Italy: Venus


Venus, Venere

life in Italy: Capitoline museums


Capitoline museums were empty!

more pics from my life in rome

I have a page where I gather daily life in Rome pics, insta journaling and thoughts.

life in Italy blog posts

an Italian dad gift

an Italian dad gift

If your father is Italian or of Italian origins, and you want a fabulous, new, and Italian gift for him, you may have found it. Simposio is an Italian recipe, travel, and culture seasonal magazine, made in Italy, by an Italian author. Each issue is dedicated to a city...

Italian gifts made in Italy

Italian gifts made in Italy

Italian gifts made in Italy: “regali” for your family and friends who are in love with Italy. Here is my list of Amazon Italian Christmas gifts ideas.

fall table decor

fall table decor

Fall table decor with pumpkins and leaves. This is a sweet little post to inspire and give you a few ideas for your table decor for fall.

Simposio: the Alba & Langhe issue

Simposio: the Alba & Langhe issue

A travel guide to Alba and Langhe in Piedmont. Learn about the food, the traditions, the things to do and see, and the basics for a truffle experience.

Italian eating, happy eating!

Italian eating, happy eating!

Italian eating customs: learn about Italian eating habits, words and etiquette and fill your life with flavors, textures, and pleasures.

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