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Here you’ll find a link to the posts in the blog where there’s something about life in Italy.

A life that is slow, dedicated to food, culture, and pleasures. At least, that’s what we all aim for. Let’s say weekends are easier to be fulfilled with a little dolce vita.

Still, if you take your time, stop for a minute while running from a place to another, you’ll find inspiration EVERYWHERE.

From the floral attires of the cities to the old men sitting outside bars. From old lazy buildings to beautifully set tables.

I hope this journal of mine helps you embrace the slow path, and inspire your daily life.

the Lecce issue

Visit Lecce, the Florence of the South. Read the stories, learn the traditions, and savor the food.

Plus: Italian summer recipes, pasta, salads, eggplants and ricotta!

Italian football culture

"Perché perché la domenica mi lasci sempre sola... per andare a vedere la partita... di pallone... perché perché... una volta non ci porti pure me?" "Why why on Sundays you always leave me alone... to go watch the football game... why why... don’t you once take me...

Christmas in Italy

Christmas in Italy from the tree day to La Befana: everything that happens, including food, traditions and family business.

Italian new year’s eve traditions

Italian New Year's Eve traditions: a messy list of traditions from all around the peninsula, some from the past, some still extremely actual!   Christmas is over? Don’t be sad! This year has come to an end, but another one is around the corner and there is still...

Christmas day in Italy

Christmas day in Italy means that, after the “poor” fishy Christmas Eve, Italians are ready to welcome meat to their tables again. And ready for a few more sweet and cozy traditions too.     All the...

Christmas Eve in Italy

Christmas Eve in Italy: a timetable of what typically happens in an Italian home. (very generic, absolutely not scientifically proved, but certainly lived observations :-))     Christmas Eve in Italy step...

Halloween in Rome: creepy things to do in the eternal city

Halloween in Rome, unfortunately, is more a decorative style and, some rare times, a theme for an October party. Treat-or-trickers must wait for an enthusiastic mom to organize a walk around the neighborhood (mostly one building) pre alerting inhabitants and praying...