Italian restaurant business consultancy


Consultancy and advising services from Rome and in English to small Italian food businesses abroad. A crucial step to opening and running a successful Italian restaurant, catering, or grocery store.


My first advise

Make it Authentic

Let’s take Italian restaurants abroad to another level, the level of quality and authenticity, proudly celebrating the heritage of Italian ingredients, traditions, and cuisine.

consultancy from Italy


Culture is the base of good cooking and excellent, long-lasting business results. Culture is what gives you knowledge of the ingredients, the techniques, and the traditions that frame it all.

Consultancy from an Italian, locally-based expert can help you achieve that culture.


Menu Appraisal

typos, authenticity, adherence to Italian culture


Menu Planning

dishes that make sense, a menu that guides your clients through their present and future culinary journeys

in the kitchen

real Italian food

Recipe development, research, and authenticity auditing


Food sourcing in Italy

Can’t find it locally? Let’s research the peninsula for the best supplier.

tailor made

Specific Needs

Let’s discuss your specific needs and see what we can do to make your restaurant/catering/grocery store a successful Italian food business.

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