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Italian radicchio pesto recipe with walnuts

An easy, delicious Italian radicchio pesto recipe with just walnuts, parmesan cheese, and olive oil.

How to cook King Oyster mushrooms (Cardoncelli) the Italian way

How to cook King Oyster or Cardoncelli mushrooms the Italian way: a very simple recipe with just olive oil, garlic, and parsley.

The Italian authentic and original tortellini panna e prosciutto recipe

Are you ready to make the authentic tortellini panna e prosciutto recipe? The recipe that my male friends and brothers made continuously to satisfy their endless appetites. The steps they had learned from their moms and nonnas and that they replicated as accurately as their first-experienced skills let them.


How to make my olive oil banana bread recipe, an Italian-style banana bread! The other ingredients are classic: good old baking stuff.

How to Make the hot apple juice and cinnamon drink recipe of the Italian Alps

In this post, I’m sharing how to make a wintry, Italian, comforting, and healthy drink: the hot apple juice with cinnamon recipe.

Italian kale soup with cannellini beans and Prosciutto

In this post, we will make a comforting winter soup: an Italian kale soup with cannellini beans and Prosciutto.


Pumpkin risotto is very popular here in Italy. It is a recipe from the Northern regions but cooked everywhere: it is a perfect comfort dish for Autumn and Winter dinners. Imagine savoring it after a long walk in the woods, admiring foliage. With a glass of a dry...

Grilled radicchio with balsamic vinegar recipe

Grilled radicchio with balsamic vinegar: an Italian side dish.

authentic Italian hot chocolate recipe

Thick Italian hot chocolate for cold, cozy days.

how to cook kale the Italian way

How to cook kale on the stove the Italian way. Learn how to cook kale without losing nutrients.

an authentic Italian minestrone soup recipe

This is one of the authentic Italian minestrone soup recipes – there are many. This minestrone recipe from Milan has cabbage, parmesan, and pancetta.

sautéed Italian kale recipe

Sautéed kale recipe: a tasty Tuscan side dish.

orecchiette with broccoli rabe

The authentic Apulian orecchiette con cime di rape, orecchiette with broccoli rabe, recipe.

erbazzone recipe: the Italian swiss chard pie

the erbazzone recipe: a swiss chard pie from Emilia Romagna

how to clean and cook swiss chard

how to cook swiss chard the Italian way

sicilian pasta with cauliflower and raisins

Sicilian pasta with cauliflower and raisins: an Italian pasta recipe with all the flavors of Sicily.

Pasta e Fagioli recipe from Naples

Pasta e Fagioli: an Italian Winter comfort food

dried porcini risotto recipe

Creamy, earthy and delicious porcini mushroom risotto, a rice recipe from Northern Italy.

how to make a cheese board

How to make an Italian cheese board: 7 steps to a perfect Italian cheese board.There are seven fundamental steps to make an Italian cheese board. From choosing three (or more) different kinds of cheese to the accompaniments, from the fruits, to the bread.   how...

authentic Italian sausage sauce recipe

Italian sausage pasta recipe with pork sausages, spices and a dash of wine.

Italian Chiacchiere recipe for Carnevale

Chiacchiere are Italian fried dough strips dusted with powdered sugar. Here’s the authentic recipe to make these crunchy Carnival sweets!

28 + 1 unbeatable winter salad recipes

28 + 1 Unbeatable Winter Salad Recipes from Hypertalented Bloggers

overnight oatmeal recipe with persimmon

Overnight oatmeal recipes: persimmon pulp healthy breakfast overnight oats.

chickpea tuna salad with chard, oregano, and olive oil

chard, chickpeas and tuna filets with looots of fresh oregano

puntarelle alla romana

Puntarelle Alla Romana is the Winter salad of Rome! Here’s the authentic, traditional recipe with the anchovy dressing.

kale bruschetta from Tuscany

Sautéed black kale bruschetta with olive oil and red chili. Make the bruschetta with kale when you have a delicious loaf of crusty Italian bread.

Sicilian fennel and orange salad recipe

Sicilian orange salad with olives, shallot and fennel

how to make polenta from cornmeal + gricia polenta

Soft polenta, made from scratch, with crunchy guanciale and grated pecorino.

savory oatmeal recipes: Italian oatmeal soup with pear crisps & prosciutto flakes

A flaming oatmeal soup with sweet pear crisps and savory prosciutto flakes.

kale Buddha bowl

a raw kale Buddha bowl with lentils, barley, cashews and pomegranate vinaigrette

kale pesto recipe

Kale pesto with crunchy almonds, sweet raisins and fancy dried tomatoes.

Italian mushroom soup with parmesan broth

A decadent mushroom soup cooked in aromatic parmesan broth.

Tuscan white bean and kale soup recipe

bread tuscan soup: kale, potatoes and white beans to restore you from a cold, windy, winter day

zabaglione with gingerbread cookies

creamy zabaione & spicy gingerbread cookies: they’re in love!

Italian sausage stuffing recipe (with pandoro!)

In this post, I’m sharing with you an Italian sausage stuffing. It is made with apples, Pandoro, walnuts, and olive oil.

pumpkin ravioli with sage butter (and a pinch of spices)

Italian pumpkin ravioli made with an American twist: pumpkin spice.


Curry pumpkin soup with crunchy cinnamon hazelnuts

Crema di zucca al curry con croccanti nocciole alla cannella.

The authentic Italian Carciofi Alla Romana recipe

Ciao! Today I’m sharing the authentic Carciofi Alla Romana recipe from Rome: artichokes stuffed with mint, breadcrumbs, and a hint of liquor, then slowly cooked until tender and delicious.

hot chocolate with nutmeg

Italian hot chocolate with nutmeg and honey for Valentine’s Day


an easy recipe for your holiday gifts: homemade mulled wine mix, the best foodie Christmas present

gingerbread hot chocolate mix recipe

drink it or give it, but make it ginger

pandoro french toast recipe & pandoro wishes

Pandoro french toast with Italian pandoro, olive oil, and brown sugar.


How to make pasta with mushrooms the Italian way

How to make pasta with mushrooms the Italian way

Once again, I'm here to remind you that, when it comes to authentic cooking, the Italian way is smooth and easy: making pasta with mushrooms follows the flow and calls for just a few ingredients. Gather together garlic, olive oil, fresh parsley, and chili. Then,...

Italian Latte E Menta

Italian Latte E Menta

Here in Italy, Latte e Menta, Milk and Mint, is a traditional summer fresh drink. Nourishing, rich, and refreshing. Here's how to make the syrup with fresh mint and the summery drink by adding the syrup to iced cold milk. It's a recipe from Ortigia's Simposio: a...