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This Simposio is a Cinque Terre slow travel cookbook for mindful travelers, Italophiles, and adventurous cooks in search of the real authentic Italy.

a Cinque Terre slow travel cookbook

cinque terre travel cookbook


This Simposio is a slow – very slow – travel cookbook dedicated to Cinque Terre travel, to the places, the food, the traditional recipes, and the local culture of a tiny coastal strip of Liguria’s Riviera.

Cinque Terre is the Ligurian region of sea, poetry, and anchovies. Discover it in the company of an Italian friend: explore the Cinque Terre – the five lands -, taste the food, learn the culture, meet the people, and take home beautiful photographs.

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This cookbook aims to lead you through the five villages of Cinque Terre with pictures, stories, anecdotes, recipes, and the authentic point of view of an Italian author. My purpose is to make you experience Italy as I see it: as if you were traveling and cooking next to me – and I was tormenting you with my gab and my mental frills. Because traveling, slow and mindful traveling, means seeing the good and the bad and letting things touch you deeply.

Any guide can tell you what to see, what to do, and what to eat; this one goes a bit further. It is a cookbook but also a journal, a travelogue. A trip with a nerdy friend that read and researched all she could find. A mindful journey through Italy’s unique heritage. 


Cinque Terre will caress you with its pastel colors, nourish you with its food, make you mad with the overexposure to tourism, and then lull you on the waves of its deep blue sea.

Ready? Pronti?

simposio's cinque terre travel cookbook

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In the Cinque Terre Simposio, you’ll find:

    06 Welcome

    08 A Bucket List

    10 Cinque Terre

    14 Riomaggiore

    20 Heydi The Winemaker

    24 Levanto

    28 Monterosso

    36 Eugenio Montale

    40 Vernazza

    44 Manarola

    50 Corniglia

    56 Cinque Terre Recipes

    58 Acciughe di Monterosso

    60 Salsa Marinara

    62 Pesto Genovese

    64 Croxetti or Corsetti

    68 Sarsa de Pignêu

    70 Pesto Pasta, Potatoes and Green Beans

    72 Prescinseua Cheese

    74 Potato Ravioli

    78 Ciuppin Fish Soup

    82 Cuttlefish & Potatoes

    84 Tiàn de anciue

    86 Monterosso Shrimps

    88 Ligurian Green Beans

    90 Pesto Artichokes

    92 Torta Di Riso

    96 Marò Di Fave: Ligurian Fava Pesto

    98 Calendimaggio

    100 Spring Cooking

    102 Fresh Garlic Aglio Olio E Peperoncino

    106 Fresh Garlic Frittata

    108 Pasta with Prawns And Asparagus

    110 Rhubarb Liquor

    112 Rhubarb Syrup

    114 Olive Oil

    122 How To Buy And Cook Olive Oil

    126 How To Taste Olive Oil

    130 Nonna Remedies

    cinque terre travel cookbook
    cinque terre slow travel cookbook
    cinque terre travel guide
    cinque terre cookbook

    slow down and uncover Cinque Terre

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    Enjoy Cinque Terre!