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Dive deeper into Italy’s food, culture, and infinite heritage. Gift yourself an Italian cookbook subscription. Get the SIMPOSIO cookbook series: unique publications from Italy about the country’s food, recipes, travel, and culture.

Simposio is an independently published travel cookbook series – made in Italy! – for Italophiles. Those who want to go deeper, understand, and absorb Italy’s endless heritage.

Each monograph explores a city, a region, or a season in Italy. 

New Simposio cookbooks are published twice a year. To date, nineteen books are waiting for you. You can get a Simposio every one or two months and begin your discovery of Italy. One little piece at a time, slow traveling from wherever you are. Through beautiful pictures, cultural investigation, and mindful cooking, you will connect with this beautiful country in the most respectful, cultured, and complete way.

Print subscriptions are available in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy.

Subscriptions start at 28 USD monthly or every two months – you decide!

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a breath of fresh air

"...a breath of fresh air, beauty and ideas. Cheers to the team"

a letter, tucked in your drawer from the past

"Claudia has a way of describing the daily rituals of life in Puglia in the words of a friend. As though written in a letter, tucked in your drawer from the past, her musings on the variations of water one can order in a restaurant, pumos, and falling ill from “humidity” left me in Salento peeling almonds while sipping a caffe leccese on the sand. A side of Italy you won’t get anywhere else."

the most pleasant suprprise of the year

"...this was the most pleasant suprprise of the year. ... drop dead beautiful. Photographs, creative, clever words. I absolutely love it and cannot wait to experience the recipes. ...This is a soulful journey through an amazing writer’s mind. Thank you for developing such a wonderful product."

This is not something you buy and put away

"My wife and I tried several recipes from this magazine/cookbook. Everything we made was more than delicious! The recipes are easy to follow and the measurements seem true. We enjoyed the relaxed lighthearted attitude of the author as well as the way she shares Italian culture. This is not something you buy and put away, this is the one that stays on the kitchen counter... I have cooked for many years in many different countries and have never enjoyed a cookbook more! This book is like a vacation to Italy! The attention to detail and inside look at Italian regional culture is fantastic! Grazie Claudia!"

several hours of enjoyment

"...very well done. Beautiful and large pictures; lots of information about the region. And recipes that look really tasty. Many many pages, for several hours of enjoyment."



The Simposio travel cookbook series is made in Italy by an Italian author. Then printed and distributed locally.

The authentic, traditional, classic, and modern recipes are researched in loco and framed by local stories, personal anecdotes, beautiful pictures, and Italian culture and folklore.

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We rely on Amazon for printing and distribution because we are tiny and need the logistics they offer to small-scale businesses. The cookbooks are made in Italy but printed and distributed locally.

Delivery is available for the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • France

You can choose between the monthly subscription:

  • 28 USD/month – for the Paperback


  • 37 USD/month – for the Hardcover


And the bi-monthly one:

  • 28 USD/every two months – for the Paperback


  • 37 USD/every two months – for the Hardcover


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If you want to kickstart or complete your cookbook collection, we can offer you a bundle price for all or some books! Check them all here. 

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  • 4 cookbooks for 100 USD
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Subscribe to Simposio and experience Italy like a local: good food, vintage wines, extraordinary landscapes, infinite heritage, and unexpected adventures in travel cookbooks written and curated by an Italian author.

In each book, you’ll walk with Claudia through a different city or region. You’ll go deep inside food culture, stories, lifestyle, and traditions.

Expect the following:

  • exploring the best monuments and discovering secret places
  • things to add to your Italian bucket list
  • local & authentic recipes
  • jokes, beautiful words, and expressions
  • culture, habits, and lifestyle
  • seasonal fun and inspiration
  • lovely pictures

A little technical stuff:

  • On Amazon, you can choose between print and digital; subscriptions are only print and available here.
  • Servings are for two people, to be duplicated as desired.
  • Measures are in gr, cups, and oz whenever possible.
Italian food magazine Simposio

Enjoy your Italian cookbook subscription. Learn to cook Italian, visit Italy from your couch, and absorb the culture of an ancient, life-loving country.