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This Simposio is a cookbook and a guide to Italy’s winter. Get ready for Carnival cooking and celebrations, amazing paintings, comforting minestrone soups, baking recipes, Rome little gems, artichoke delights, and a Northern foodie city, Modena. The kingdom of Tortellini and Tagliatelle!

Italian Winter's Simposio


This Simposio is dedicated to a jewel of Northern Italy: the kingdom of Tortellini, Tagliatelle, balsamic vinegar, and fried gnocchi.

In this cookbook we explore the lovely tiny delicious Modena. So expect a lot of local foods, recipes, stories, traditions, and beautiful pictures.

When I told an uncle from Northern Italy I was exploring Modena’s cuisine, he told me: “Do you know what people say about Modena? That when someone from Bologna wants to eat well, he goes to Modena”. And that, my friends, sums up the goodness of this place.

Modena is worldwide famous for its traditional balsamic vinegar, the real, authentic, aged for at least 12 years. So after investing a little capital in a tiny bottle, I enjoyed testing recipes that exalted its flavor. It turns out pork is balsamic’s best friend.

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After exploring Modena, we will celebrate Carnevale with some regional recipes: two sweet treats and polpette! 

But winter is also a time to pamper yourself, contemplate beauty, and learn new things, so I added Winter Flowers and Corcos… what’s that? you may be wondering… Vittorio Matteo Corcos, the painter of modern femininity! His painting “Dreams” inspired much of this book and a lot of my recent artsy life. Corcos was the Belle Epoque painter who could read the souls of women and reveal them in his portraits.

More winter cuddles will come from flaming hot minestrone soups. You thought there was only one minestrone soup recipe, right? I did as well, but we were wrong! We’ll take it easy now and explore three recipes from North to South of the peninsula.

For more healthy but delicious eating, and to celebrate the winter veggies, we will honor the king of them all: the already crowned – put it upside down – Sir Artichoke!

Winter Sundays wouldn’t be complete – and warm and cozy – without turning on the oven. So get ready to flour your hands (and nose and cheeks), and be sure you have a good book at hand to read while waiting for your creations to rise.

Lastly, I added a few little gems from my always fascinating, difficult to live but never boring city, Rome: a secret spot out of touristic paths and some wintry adventures.

Ready for a rich, mindful, tasty Winter?


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06 Welcome To The Italian Winter

08 A Winter Bucket List

10 Modena



18 Gnocchi Fritti

22 Pesto Modenese

24 Crescentine or Tigelle

28 Borlengo

32 Tagliatelle

38 Ragù Modenese

40 Tortellini Modenesi

44 Torta Di Riso Modenese

48 Bensone

50 Carnevale

52 Tagliatelle Fritte

54 Cicerchiata

58 Eggs And Flour

60 Polpette Di Carnevale

62 The Table

64 Balsamic Vinegar

66 Pork Fillets With Apples And Balsamic

68 Frittata With Balsamic

72 Balsamic Vinegar Pork Cutlets

74 Tagliata Rucola, Grana E Balsamico

76 Minestrone

78 Minestrone Alla Milanese

82 Minestrone Alla Genovese

86 Minestrone Alla Livornese

90 Winter Flowers

96 Vittorio Matteo Corcos

106 Artichokes

108 Patate E Carciofi Alla Romana

110 Carciofini Sott’Olio

114 Carciofi Alla Napoletana

118 Fondi Di Carciofo

120 Artichokes And Parmesan Salad

122 Carciofi Alla Villanella

126 Snow In Rome

130 Lievito

132 Grissini

136 Brezels

140 Ricotta Bread

142 Palazzo Della Sapienza

146 Father’s Day

148 The Mimosa Melodrama

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