Simposio’s Lecce cookbook is a guide to the beautiful jewel of Salento, Puglia, worth a visit of at least a couple of days, and a book to tour you and uncover the stories, the local and authentic recipes, the traditions, and the folklore. Lecce is called the Florence of the South, so rich in art, palaces, and stunning embellishments it is. Not to mention the mouthwatering food!

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Before visiting Lecce, reading the Simposio Lecce cookbook, or trying the delicious recipes, here are some fundamental things to know about the city.

How to reach Lecce

Lecce’s nearest airport is Brindisi, Lecce to Brindisi airport takes about a 40 minutes drive (there are many buses and shuttle offers). But you can also get there from the Bari, or the Brindisi airport. Lecce is 500 km (270 miles) from Rome. You can drive or take a train from stazione Termini, it should take you a little less than 6 hours. Check both Trenitalia and Italo websites for the best offers. Be aware that trains from Rome may depart both from the Termini and the Tiburtina stations. The first one is central, the second is not that much, but not very distant either.


The Weather in Lecce

Lecce’s climate is mild. Winters are gentle, and Summers are very hot and muggy.


Accomodations in Lecce

Accomodations in Lecce are quite cheap, cheaper than Rome for sure! And restaurants are generally delicious (we ate at the Michelin starred Bros, and it was out of this world!).


Touring Lecce with a Travel Guide Book

Before visiting, read Simposio’s Lecce cookbook: you will have a slow travel guide and an anticipation of the magnificent landscapes and the fascinating details. You will learn more about the history of this proud people, and understand why and how they live a slow and happy life, full of pleasure, good food, sun, and beauty.

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lecce travel guide book

Lecce through the eyes of a local

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lecce travel guide book
lecce travel guide book and cookbook
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This Simposio is a unique Lecce cookbook. Let me guide you through the city with:

    06 Welcome To Lecce

    08 A Puglia Bucket List

    10 Lecce

    18 Leccesi

    22 A Poet

    26 Bella Figura

    28 Maria D’Enghien

    30 Tito Schipa

    32 Magic

    38 La Tarantata

    42 Eating In Puglia

    46 Orecchiette

    50 Ciciri E Tria

    54 The Table

    56 Bombette

    58 Apulian Caponata

    62 Peperoni Alla Leccese

    64 Pizzi Leccesi

    68 Fruttone

    72 Slow Living Salento

    78 St Oronzo

    80 Pollo Alla Salentina

    82 Orecchiette Di St Oronzo

    84 Parmesan Eggplant

    88 Getting Married In Italy

    94 Grottaglie

    98 Bbrascioli

    100 Focaccia Alle Olive

    104 Acquasali

    106 Foraging For The House

    108 Fatto In Casa

    110 Mmracoa

    112 Peach Tea

    114 Caffè Leccese

    118 Macchia Mediterranea

    120 Italian Pasta

    124 Yellow Tomato Sauce

    126 Zucchini Pesto

    128 Gallinella Pasta

    132 Acqua Minerale

    134 Italian Salads

    136 Plum And Arugula Salad

    138 Lentil And Tomato Salad

    140 Grika Salad

    142 Russian Salad

    146 Eggplants

    148 Eggplant Bruschetta

    150 Eggplant Barchette

    152 Eggplant Involtini

    154 Grigliata

    156 Ricotta

    158 Fried Ricotta

    160 Ricotta Gnocchi

    162 Ricotta Frittata


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