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Palermo’s Simposio is a travel cookbook to uncover Sicily’s jewel, its beautiful landscapes, traditions, food, and art. Sicilian culture is immense, interesting, and addictive, and you’ll get to discover most of it!


Get ready to explore a magical city: a place where many of my friends – and I as well – admit they would move to if they had the chance.

I call Palermo a charming, multicultural, elegant lady with many delightful things to say and incredibly good at cooking. Meet her on this travel cookbook full of pictures, recipes, and stories: a melting pot of the Sicilian culture.

You can get the Palermo Simposio both in print or digital.

a Palermo slow travel cookbook

palermo travel cookbook


In this travel cookbook dedicated to Palermo, we will explore the town as if we were there together, walking around the old markets, talking to locals, tasting their food and discovering the Sicilian culture and heritage.

The churches are full of history and art; noble palaces are dreamy; restaurants and street food are delicious; cultural gems and artistic meccas are everywhere.

There are a lot of things to do in Palermo, so much that a month wouldn’t be enough to cover them all. But we will spend 48 hours hunting la creme de la creme.

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Back home, Easter is going to be our bridge towards Spring. We will celebrate with Italian recipes, traditions, and beautiful decor ideas.

I know roses are a Spring clichè, but what an astonishing, magical clichè. We will nourish our eyes and our most intimate soul with rosy pictures, a visit to Rome’s Rose garden, and a little rosy cooking.

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palermo travel cookbook
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Palermo’s Simposio is a travel cookbook with recipes, culture, stories and folklore for the lovers of everything Sicily.

  • 115 pages
  • 113 pictures
  • 23 authentic Italian recipes
  • 14 must-see spots in Palermo


  • Sicilian Bucket List
  • Palermo: 36 pages of traveling stories, Sicilian culture, a poet, street food, and markets; 13 unmissable places in Palermo; the Sicilian dialect; icons from the past; Easter traditions; 10 authentic Sicilian recipes.
  • Easter: stories, recipes, decor inspiration, and Italian culture.
  • The Equinox Project: recipes for a pagan table.
  • The Homemade Spring Project: recipes for home adventures.
  • The Long Pasta Project: Italian regional pasta recipes with only Spring produce.
  • The Roses Project: recipes using roses, a secret place in Rome, and beautiful flowers with their identity card.
  • The Pistachio Project: authentic and traditional Italian recipes using pistachios.
  • The Friend of a Friend Market; Ode to Rainy Days; Wisteria.

a Palermo cookbook and slow travel guide

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Enjoy Palermo!