We had snooooooooow today! Something we’ve been waiting for since 2012! But it was definitely worth waiting: a snowstorm in Rome! It was like a white bomb had exploded over the city in just one night!

Streets blocked, cars immovable, people with skiing outfits on.

Just like last time, after enjoying the view of our neighborhood totally dressed in white, we bypassed the closed gates of Villa Ada and enjoyed the marvelous landscape of this urban forest turned into a late Winter Wonderland.


snowstorm in Rome #rome

snowstorm in Rome 2018


snowstorm in Rome iced fountains #winterinrome
snowstorm in Rome #winterwonderland
snowstorm in Rome pics of Villa Ada


beans & another snowstorm in Rome

I have a beautiful memory that features pasta e fagioli on a snowstorm in Rome.

It was February of a few years ago (2012). On a Saturday morning, we woke up to an unnatural landscape: a thick white mantel all over our usual weekend morning scenery. Smeagol, our beagle, was just a puppy at the time. He slipped at every step he made, partially because of the snow, partly because he was still learning to walk. All the people in the neighborhood were out on the street, enjoying the uncommon landscape (we rarely have real snow here). No cars could circulate, many shops were closed, a few reckless vendors at the local market were supplying us with first necessities.

While exploring the surroundings, playing on the snow, and taking pictures, we suddenly realized our favorite restaurant was open for lunch, serving an improvised menu with what they had in the pantry: pasta e fagioli. A delicious, creamy and thick pasta bowl… the best one I ever had.

Must have been because of the whole experience, but to me, that smoking hot bowl is one of the greatest food experiences of my life. Pasta, beans, and snow…


snowstorm in Rome trees
snowstorm in Rome 2018 pics #rome


snowstorm in Rome street view #winterinrome
snowstorm in Rome fun pics
snowstorm in Rome beautiful landscape


snowstorm in Rome white
snowstorm in Rome locals


enjoy the last Winter surprises!