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This time, we explored Florence, Tuscan recipes, Renaissance, sinners, and Dante’s Inferno!!


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Welcome to Florence, Tuscany, the city of Renaissance, art, beauty, sinners, and delicious, lustful recipes.

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Pumpkin risotto is very popular here in Italy. It is a recipe from the Northern regions but cooked everywhere: it is a perfect comfort dish for Autumn and Winter dinners. Imagine savoring it after a long walk in the woods, admiring foliage. With a glass of a dry...

Italian gifts made in Italy

Italian gifts made in Italy: “regali” for your family and friends who are in love with Italy. Here is my list of Amazon Italian Christmas gifts ideas.

inspirational books to give as gifts

Best books for women that need inspiration, dreams, or a a moment for themselves.

Christmas in Italy traditions, food, and customs

Christmas in Italy from the tree day to La Befana: everything that happens, including food, traditions and family business.

Italian new year’s eve traditions

Italian New Year’s Eve traditions: here comes a messy list of customs, some from the past, some still extremely actual! Learn about Italian new year’s eve food, red panties, and kisses. Christmas is over? Don’t be sad! This year has come to an end, but another one is...

Christmas day in Italy

Christmas day in Italy: food, meals, and traditions.

Christmas Eve in Italy

Christmas Eve in Italy is a day full of food and traditions. In this post, I outlined a typical Italian Christmas Eve: what happens hour by hour. First of all, remember that the Christmas Eve dinner in Italy is meatless: we can only eat fish. But we can certainly eat...

castagnaccio recipe

a Tuscan delight for Fall celebrations

cookbooks for Christmas gifts

the best cookbooks of my kitchen

la befana Italian Christmas traditions

Story, origins, and stocking for La Befana Italian Christmas tradition. La Befana is an Italian witch that brings candies and charcoal…

Italian Christmas presepe

Unfortunately, the Italian Christmas Presepe is a fading tradition.I admire those who won't abandon it for more "modern" alternatives - or at all. Setting up a rural landscape, paying attention to every tiny detail, and involving the whole family in a manual activity...

Italian Christmas tree traditions

when and why Italians put up and decorate their Christmas trees

the mercante in fiera card game, rules and a DIY project

Mercante in Fiera (Merchant at the Fair) a traditional Italian Christmas game played with illustrated cards

Italian sausage stuffing recipe (with pandoro!)

In this post, I’m sharing with you an Italian sausage stuffing. It is made with apples, Pandoro, walnuts, and olive oil.

olive oil mashed potatoes with pancetta

pancetta mashed potatoes: when you’ll side dish will conquer the spotlight

the Thanksgiving table

An idea for thanksgiving table decorations you can craft yourself.

chicken pasta tomato sauce

In this post, I’m sharing with you the Tuscan recipe for chicken pasta in tomato sauce. As learned in a restaurant in Val D’Orcia.

pancetta gravy recipe from Italy

Here is the recipe for an unusual, delicious Italian pancetta gravy!

Chocolate covered spoons for Easter or Christmas

chocolate dipped spoons with coconut grass and sugar butterflies

homemade christmas gifts ideas beautiful and delicious

the primitive pleasure of homemade gifts

a Christmas simmer potpourri recipe

Make your house smell like Christmas with ingredients from your pantry!

olive oil pie crust

just flour, salt and water, and olive oil of course

Christmas spice mix recipe

my secret Christmas spice mix 🙂

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