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Umbria by Simposio is a cookbook filled with traditional and authentic regional recipes from Umbria. But also a slow travel guidebook. You’ll visit stunning places and read tales. And you’ll discover touching legends about the green heart of Italy.

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Italian smoked salmon pasta recipe

Italian smoked salmon pasta recipe (penne al salmone) made with penne pasta, smoked salmon, heavy cream, white wine, a hint of brandy, and fresh parsley. A delicious, festive, and traditional Italian pasta dish for Christmas Eve! 

authentic Italian hot chocolate recipe

Thick Italian hot chocolate for cold, cozy days.

Italian gifts made in Italy

Italian gifts made in Italy: “regali” for your family and friends who are in love with Italy. Here is my list of Amazon Italian Christmas gifts ideas.

Italian Russian salad recipe

Russian salad recipe: the original recipe with vegetables, pickles, and mayonnaise.

inspirational books to give as gifts

Best books for women that need inspiration, dreams, or a a moment for themselves.

Christmas in Italy traditions, food, and customs

Christmas in Italy from the tree day to La Befana: everything that happens, including food, traditions and family business.

Christmas day in Italy

Christmas day in Italy: food, meals, and traditions.

Christmas Eve in Italy

Christmas Eve in Italy is a day full of food and traditions. In this post, I outlined a typical Italian Christmas Eve: what happens hour by hour. First of all, remember that the Christmas Eve dinner in Italy is meatless: we can only eat fish. But we can certainly eat...

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