Diy gift baskets ideas for Christmas

Today is DIY gift baskets Day. Once again, I’m into the Christmas Baskets thing, and I’m glad to share my DIY gift baskets ideas with you.

Luckily I’m surrounded by food lovers: they’ll enjoy my gift baskets as much as I enjoyed making them.

Ready for some DIY for Christmas gifts?

Italians, traditionally, make homemade Christmas gifts of food. They’re not the actual gift, just a little something you give to family, friends, and neighbors.

To me, edible homemade Christmas gifts are a delicious way to say I care. They can be:

Christmas gifts for friends that are not so close you won’t buy them a present, but you still want to give them a little something (think of coworkers);

an addition to actual presents;

favors for your Christmas dinner;

hostess gifts.

If you are looking for homemade Christmas gifts ideas, here are some of the suitable recipes from the blog:

DIY gift basket with chocolate specialties

The first DIY gift basket idea was conceived for a very gourmet couple. It’s the Choco gift basket

It has Himalayan Pink Salt Chocolate, Hot Chocolate Mix, Chocolate Tea, and Chocolate spread. All top of the range products, cause it’s a gift and I want it to be a wonderful gift.

DIY gift basket with spreads

Here’s another DIY gift baskets idea, for greedy gourmands that love sweet breakfasts: a Spread Tasting Kit. It has Pistachio cream, Cinnamon butter, Coffee spread, and Rhubarb jam. All you need to buy is fresh bread!

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DIY gift baskets with ingredients and tools for brunch

This gift baskets idea is dedicated to a little person that loves American food: a Brunch in a Box. Beautiful Christmas placemats, pancake mix, and maple syrup… yummy!

DIY gift basket

Finally, the TEA LOVERS gift basket is still under construction, but I love it so much: it will have Christmas mugs and a huge collection of sophisticate English Teas.

Enjoy giving!