Simposio’s Florentine cookbook is a collection of authentic Florentine recipes from traditional Florence cuisine framed by the stories of Renaissance Florentines. Men and women, sinners, anachronistically flung in Dante’s Inferno and then celebrated with tasty Florence dishes arranged in thematic menus. Because in their sins lays their genius. Because they teach us to accept who we are and toast to our flaws. Because in their company I’d love to dine.

authentic Florence cuisine in a beautiful Florentine cookbook

Maremma cookbook and slow travel book


Florence’s cuisine is rich, tasty, and varied. This Florentine cookbook aims to make you discover some of the best authentic Florence recipes while experiencing them fully through the eyes of a local, accompanied by stories, characters, and traditions. Whether to cook or discover Florence’s food, this Florentine cookbook will guide you through the flames of Dante’s Inferno and its guests seated at a never-ending banqueting table!

From the intro.

“Welcome to Florence, a city that needs no introduction, just a little framing to contain the endless beauty, history, and food it has given birth to.
My frame will be Renaissance. Rich, beguiling, unforgettable Renaissance.
But forget any do-goodism, forget any idealization, we are cooks, and cooks are earthbound. We handle dirt-covered vegetables; we cut bloody pieces of meat and know where they come from; we use heat and cold, salt and sugar, acid and sour. We know there’s good and bad in everything and everyone. We don’t need sweeteners to understand how the food chain and the world we live in work. We don’t need sanctification, not of ingredients, not of recipes, not of human beings. We welcome the truth. Be it a burned cake or the wrong amount of salt. Mistakes and flaws are part of our daily life. As are our instincts. There’s not much left to do but accept them like we do when throwing away the inedible stone-hard bread or eating the salty soup laughing at our prodigality.
Renaissance was a time of great optimism. Rediscovering the classics and the divinities that were more human than ethereal – and, still, glorious -, liberated those lucky enough to access the reemerging culture. If sin wasn’t the only label for untamable feelings, sensations, and behaviors, perhaps humankind wasn’t destined for eternal atonement. Possibly, suffering was just one of the hues of a broader palette of vibes. Maybe freedom was the canvas to paint on.”

How to approach Simposio’s Florence cookbook – and Florentine cuisine!

My warmest suggestion for approaching this Florentine cookbook is to consider yourself that white canvas, ready to welcome Florence’s cuisine through new stories, new flavors, and new sensations, free, for once, to descend into the underworld of what we are told to be wrong. Character flaws, weaknesses, and mistakes are, even today, identified with sins. What if, on the contrary, they are the nourishing of our unique personalities? What if we need them to grow, to evolve, to do something great out of our existence? Leonardo Da Vinci will guide us through this anachronistic Inferno. Where, guilty of arrogance, I placed my favorite Florentines and their stories. Followed by authentic Florence recipes to celebrate them – and their unapologetic sins – via chopping, whisking, sauteing, baking, and slow cooking.
Get ready to meet lusty Filippo, gluttonous Caterina, greedy Filippo, angry Michelangelo, heretic Girolamo, charmer Lorenzo, and traitor Sandro.

Benvenuti a Firenze.


The Simposio cookbooks are made in Italy by an Italian author and printed and distributed locally.

The traditional, classic, modern and authentic Florence recipes are researched locally and accompanied by local stories, personal anecdotes, beautiful pictures, and Italian culture and folklore.



In Simposio’s Florentine cookbook, you’ll find:

  • 176 pages
  • beautiful food and travel pictures
  • 25 authentic Florence recipes from traditional Florentine cuisine
  • stories and legends
  • painters, sculptors, patrons, queens, preachers
  • Italian culture bites



06 Welcome To Florence

08 Cooking Notes

10 A Florentine Playlist

12 Dante Alighieri

16 The New Renaissance

20 Minchiate Fiorentine

28 Leonardo Da Vinci

34 Acquarosa

37 The Lustful

38 Filippo Lippi

42 Sugo Scappato

44 Ossobuco Alla Fiorentina

46 Zucca Al Vino Rosso

49 The Gluttons

50 Caterina De’ Medici

60 Carabaccia

62 Papero Alla Melarancia

66 Schiacciata Fiorentina

71 The Avaricious and Prodigal

72 Filippo Brunelleschi

76 Peposo

78 Fagiolini Alla Fiorentina

80 Schiacciata Or Tiaccia Con L’Uva

85 The Wrath And Sullen

86 Michelangelo

90 Zuppa Di Patate

92 Francesina

96 Pomodori Alla Fiesolana

99 The Heretics

100 Girolamo Savonarola

104 Porrata Bianca

106 Arista Alla Fiorentina

109 The Violent

110 Florentine Games

112 Zuppa Lombarda

114 Uova Alla Fiorentina

118 Calcio Fiorentino

120 Pappa Al Pomodoro

124 Fagioli All’Uccelletto E Salsicce

129 The Panders And Seducers

130 Lorenzo De’ Medici

138 Stracotto Alla Medici

140 Porrata

144 Alchermes Bianco

146 Alchermes Pot

149 The Traitors

150 Sandro Botticelli

156 Crespelle

162 Cavolfiore Alla Fiorentina

164 Budini Di Riso Alla Fiorentina


Snuggle on the couch, pour yourself a glass of Chianti, light a candle, and put on the cookbook’s playlist: your adventure in Florence’s cuisine and Renaissance is about to begin!