the art of forest bathing: a slow living meditation practice from Japan


Forest bathing in Rome: an Italian Fall bucket list
Forest bathing in Rome: an Italian Fall bucket list


You know when you find out about something that sounds profoundly familiar? Maybe you had heard about it before. Or maybe it is somehow part of your inner being (a previous life?).

If you ask me, I have a feeling I was Japanese in a previous life.

Things that might confirm my thesis:

  • I have kind of oriental shaped eyes
  • I love Japan and feel so good when I’m there, as in no other place on Earth
  • I’m seriously addicted to ramen, noodles and wasabi

Things that may dismantle my thesis:

  • I’m so tall…



Why was I dwelling about Japan?

Oh yes, my previous life, when I heard of shinrin-yoku (森林浴) for the first time.

The second time was the other day while listening to my new podcast findMejor con Gaby Vargas”. A graceful and sophisticated lady that gives you 5 minutes talks about various topics related to health, corporeal and incorporeal.

Can you believe I’m listening to a Mexican (almost sure they’re Mexican) radio podcast, talking about Japanese practices, while taking my dog for a walk here in Rome?

Isn’t the www great?

Do I sound like an old lady from another era?

Kind of feel like one 🙂

Ok, let’s get to the point. Shinrin-yoku means forest bathing: the practice of walking in a forest, unplugged from the city and totally plugged to Nature. A detox both for your body and your soul.

I’ve been practicing shinrin-yoku for the past two weeks, 4 mornings a week, in good company:


Forest bathing in Rome: an Italian Fall bucket list
Forest bathing in Rome: an Italian Fall bucket list


I must admit I’m quite lucky. Villa Ada, the closest Roman Villa (park) to my house, is also the largest urban forest in Europe. So I’m not going for the placebo, I have the real thing, right here.

These are the things that make me happy :-).

I think it works.

It took me the first two days to reach some sort of mindfulness state, and a few more to make it last more than a few minutes. But then, I suddenly felt something unusual coming from my inner self. Happiness? Well-being? Fun?

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t it just a walk in the park? Apparently no: this time I was paying attention. Looking at the leaves, assimilating the shades of colors, listening to sounds, perceiving smells… I was conscious of what I was doing. Conscious of the benefits. Conscious of the necessity to be there, present, in that precise moment.

Please try it.

{And, if you are looking for more Fall activities and inspiration, check my Italian Fall Bucket List!}


kitchen bathing

I wonder if there’s a Kitchen bath practice as well. That’s another place where I feel very well. Cooking is an activity that releases my tensions, gives me unnatural energy and raises my levels of serotonin. Although sometimes it’s overwhelming, home canning recipes are the climax of all said.


So let’s boil those cans and screw those lids 🙂