How to infuse olive oil with herbs: 4 recipes from an Italian kitchen.




My last preserving adventure of the season is “how to infuse olive oil with herbs“, a must have for authentic Italian cooking.

I love diy infused olive oils (especially rosemary oil): they’re easy and taste way better than store bought ones (apart from knowing what you put inside them). Plus, you can play around with flavors and combos, depending on your tastes and your herbal garden produce.

All these basic olive oil recipes are perfect on a great variety of dishes: salads, soups, meats, fish, even pasta dishes. A flavored oil is the final touch, the one that makes you feel like a gourmand. And I love that feeling.



how to infuse olive oil with herbs:

1st: decide which infused olive oil flavors you need/want. Next to chili, oregano, basil and rosemary oil I welcomed a new entry in my kitchen: wok oil. Sesame oil, garlic and ginger.



2nd: sterilize containers. I had beautiful mini bottles (and a jar!) that I dishwashed and used immediately afterwards, when still hot.

3rd: prepare herbs and spices. This means clean them. I used water, vinegar and baking soda.

4th: Cut and peel. Ginger needed to be peeled and chili to be knife engraved.

5th: Fill in the bottles with spices, followed by… WARM (don’t let it boil!) great quality extra virgin olive oil (or sesame oil for the wok version).

6th: Decorate. You could consider anticipating some of your Christmas diy gifts. If that’s the case, decoration is a must step. {But I hardly suggest to decor your own stuff too, to feel happy everytime you grab a bottle.}


I used bakers twine, labels, washi tape and stickers.


♥ Consider at least a few weeks before getting really great aroma levels (rosemary oil might take less time). And an up to 6 months pantry life. ♥