Simposio’s “Capri” is a unique cookbook with traditional and authentic Capri cuisine recipes. In this unique cookbook, Capri’s food is framed with stories, traditions, and the folklore of this magical island.

Capri's cuisine in a unique slow travel Capri cookbook

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Capri’s cuisine is made of Mediterranean flavors and vibrant colors.

Capri’s food recipes require your tastebuds’ full attention and your willingness to dive into the culture that generated them.

Simposio’s Capri cookbook aims to bring it all to your kitchen through stories, legends, locals, and anecdotes that will lighten up your consciousness and make you savor Capri’s cuisine like never before.

Why wait? Capri’s moon is waiting for you…

From Simposio’s Capri cookbook:

“If I were asked to describe Capri, I would say it is a sunkissed moon.

Those dark rocks coming out of a deep blue, dark, almost metallic sea. The light that illuminates the water: flat, calm, with a moonstone sparkle.

Usually, the sea gives you special permission to come in. You must break in, through the foam of the waves, through the force of the dense liquid.

In Capri, the sea calls you in, come dive in. I will swallow you. I’ll embrace you. Come. 

It is a little frightening: it’s so deep, will you be able to reemerge? Yet you cannot oppose yourself. The mermaids are singing, and you’re not armed like Ulisse.

The sun is welcoming, clear, and blunt; you look for it when you are in doubt. The moon is dark and melancholic; you tend to avoid it… until it seduces you, and you can’t help but plunge. After that first, exhausting challenge, you are bound forever: it changed you, and there’s no going back. You’ll enjoy the sun and have fun during the daytime, but you will live at night.

Capri is a moon in disguise as a sun.

Enjoy Capri’s Simposio, a unique lunar cookbook!



The Simposio Italian cookbook series is made in Italy by an Italian author. Then printed and distributed locally.

The authentic, traditional, classic, and modern recipes are researched in loco and framed by local stories, personal anecdotes, beautiful pictures, and Italian culture and folklore.

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an authentic, traditional Capri cookbook

it's time to swim with the mermaids!

Capri travel cookbook
capri travel cookbook and food guide
capri slow travel cookbook and food guide
capri travel authentic cookbook

inside Simposio’s Capri cookbook: authentic and traditional Capri’s cuisine, stories, folklore, and culture


06 Welcome To Capri

08 Bucket List

10 Capri

12 Piazzetta

14 Anacapri

18 Casa

24 Splash

30 La Sera

36 San Michele

42 The Island of Sirens

46 The Island of Paganism

50 The Island of Slander

54 The Island of Style

58 The Island of Food

62 Figs Appetizer: Fichi e Ventresca

64 Spaghetti alla Ciammurra

66 Clams and Lemon Pasta

70 Chiummenzana Spaghetti

72 Pasta e Cicerchie

74 Ravioli Capresi

78 Aumm Aumm Pennette

80 Basil Mussels

82 Squid & Potatoes

84 Caprese Salad

86 Monacone Stuffed Pizza

90 Lemon Salad

92 Caponata Caprese

94 Torta Caprese

96 Anacaprese Cake

98 Caprilù Almond Cookies

100 Limoncello

102 A Witch’s Story

106 Lavender

108 Lavender Wax Tablets

110 Lavender Oil

112 Lavender Water

114 The Italian Summer

124 A Stargazing Menu

126 Pasta Salad

128 Arugula And Parmesan Carpaccio

134 Napoli’s Sangria

130 Lavender Meringues

134 Negroni

136 Negroni Classico

138 Negroni Sbagliato

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