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This Italian summer cookbook, the Southern Summer Simposio, aims to let you fully experience Italy’s summer food, atmosphere, and culture.

Going south is a way to dive into the Mediterranean sea and try delicious Italian fish, pasta, vegetables, cocktails, and dessert recipes. And to have a spectacular barbecue with your friends, devouring all kinds of bruschettas and chasing the stars!

southern Italy cookbook on a vintage plant vase

An Italian summer cookbook plus more, much more

This cookbook dedicated to the Southern Italian summer will give you a taste of Italy’s summer culture (traditions and activities); take you on a short trip to Salerno; and inundate you with Italian seasonal fish, pasta, and dessert recipes. 

 From the cookbook

“Oh, Summer in Italy!

The blue skies, the green parks, the turquoise waters, the red tomatoes

The sweet breeze, the dazzling sun, the fresh sea waves

The sizzle of barbecues, the sound of children playing soccer on the beach, the music from the houses…

The tenderness of the grilled fish, the crunch of the granita ice, the sparkling of a Spritz

The sweetness of the jasmine flowers by the street, the penetrating odor of seafood, the rich scent of tanning cream

Well, I guess I covered all five senses, but there’s something quite more difficult to tell: the sweet-memories effect. It’s like everything about Summer in Italy has one pure, instinctive purpose: to evoke childhoodyouth and every pleasant feeling that accompanied them.

I guess Summer is simply the season when you feel allowed to splash into sensations, naturally, primordially, and deeper than any other time of the year.

Ready? Take a deep breath…”

a Southern Italy Summer Cookbook

the Southern Summer Simposio: authentic Italian summer dishes, stories, and culture

southern Italy cooking and travel magazine
southern Italy cooking and culture magazine
southern Italy recipe and travel magazine
authentic southern Italy cooking magazine

In the Southern Summer Simposio, you will find:

06 Welcome to Italy’s Southern Summer

08 Salerno

10 Love In Salerno

16 The Medical School Of Salerno

18 Battipaglia’s Mozzarella

20 Cianfotta

22 Pizza di Scarola

26 Colatura Di Alici

28 Salerno’s Lemon Cake

30 Friselle

32 Scazzetta Del Cardinale

38 Caciocavallo Impiccato

40 Summer Aperitivo

42 Bruschetta

44 Calabrian Bruschetta

46 Pesto Bruschetta

48 Pinzimonio

50 A Summer Veggie Board

52 Alivi Cunzati

54 Summer Fish Recipes

56 Orata All’Acqua Pazza

58 Pesto Vietrese

60 Salerno’s Calamari

62 Piatto Unico

64 Pani Cunzatu

66 Pasta With Fresh Tuna And Pesto

68 Insalata Di Riso

72 Fai Da Te

74 5 Herbs

76 Pickled Cucumbers

78 Chives Oil

80 Giardiniera

82 Hostess Gifts And Bouquets

84 Dolci Al Cucchiaio

86 Cinnamon Gelo

88 Mascarpone Cream

90 Panna Cotta

92 Summer Postcards

96 In Rome

98 Make A Wish

100 Dress Code

102 Birra

104 Gelsomino

106 Super Santos

108 Papaveri

110 Superga

112 Villa Borghese

118 Prosecco

120 The Rossini Cocktail

122 The Bellini Cocktail

124 The Spritz Cocktail


Fire the grill, load your pantry with Prosecco, and get ready to experience the real Italian summer!