not so touristic, not so common, not so known, things to do in Rome

Bought the ticket? Coming to Rome this Spring?

Already here?

here’s what you need to know:


cool things to do in Rome this Spring

stop and smell the roses

go to Floracult (an outdoors rose and other country things exhibition) or to Rome’s rose garden

Rome’s Hanami

cherry flowers in the laghetto dell’Eur are almost gone, but Roma Nord is full of blossomed trees!

watch the Cappella Sistina

the Giudizio Universale is now live!

walk, walk, walk…

but always nose (and camera) up

cook Italian!

get the Gourmet Mag

have fava beans and pecorino (and wine)

on May 1st (it’s Rome’s tradition)

visit one of Rome’s wonderful villas

(villa Borghese, v. Ada, v. Glori, v. Pamphili…)

order seaside spaghetti alle vongole

then a pisolino on the warm, welcoming sand

This is an evolving list. I’ll keep it updated each time new, relevant, and worth telling, information comes to my hand.
Meanwhile… take notes, explore and share with your Italaholic friends :-).