healthy italian recipes

Here are all my healthy, authentic Italian recipes: tasty, traditional, and modern dishes to give a salutary offset to your kitchen.

Go traditional with a tomato salad from Sicily, broccoli-packed orecchiette from Puglia, or Pasta e Fagioli from Naples.

Give flavor to your healthy pasta with a roasted eggplant pesto, fibers to your body with my olive oil oatmeal cookies, and vibrant colored vitamins to your salad with a strawberry dressing.

Bake a whole cauliflower for dinner, put together an Italian buddha bowl for lunch, and refrigerate overnight oatmeal with seasonal fruits for breakfast.

These are healthy, authentic Italian recipes to take care of your body and pamper your soul with real, natural flavors, veggies, fruits, and cereals!

how to cook fresh borlotti beans

how to cook fresh borlotti beans

How to cook fresh borlotti beans like an Italian. Learn how Italians cook delicious fresh borlotti beans just with garlic and bay leaves.