When I put together this Easter table setting, I was planning my trip to Cinque Terre. But before leaving, I wanted to have a seasonal brunch or lunch at home.

easter table setting blue pink and yellow


I had read books and watched many pictures of the Ligurian coastal towns. The palette of these unique panoramas was made of the sea and sky’s blue hues and the yellow and pinkish tones of the buildings overlooking the sea.

easter table setting blue pink and yellow
easter table setting blue pink and yellow
easter table setting blue pink and yellow
easter table setting blue pink and yellow


The city of elegance

Papal Rome

The city of food


The city of opulence

easter table setting


When you think of how to decorate an Easter table, you obviously think of colored eggs (bought or DIY) and fresh flowers, and you try to match them with what you already have.

sauteed italian kale

Only when I finished dying the eggs – emptied with the classic pierce-and-blow-with-a-straw method – with a coloring kit purchased years ago, I realized I had a Cinque Terre palette!
Casualty or unconscious, who knows!

easter table setting for home
easter table setting homemade colored eggs
easter table setting homemade decorations
dyed eggs for easter table


When I looked out the window, I found what would make the colored eggs unique. I, still today, have no idea what kind of climbing plant had spontaneously grown in my balcony, but I liked the sinuous and pinkish branches and the tiny leaves. So I glued them to the eggs. I confess it took me a while cause to wrap them all around the eggs, I needed to fix many strategic points with my hot glue gun. If you are taking notes: you need to decorate the eggs no earlier than a couple of days, or the greens will dry.

easter table setting with colored eggs


Matching my collection of fine china for the Easter table setup was easy – I have many colors. And the silverly decorated Tuscan glasses from my favorite flea market gave the final vivacious touch.

easter table setting with eggs

Luckily, the flowers delivered that week from my subscription service were pink peonies: they matched perfectly and gave a springlike aesthetic to the table centerpiece.

easter table setting with peonies
easter table setting with flowers

All those hues and doodles couldn’t match but white linen napkins.

easter table setting with white napkins

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