Fall table decor with pumpkins and leaves. This is a sweet little post to inspire and give you a few ideas for your table decor for fall.

table decor for fall with pumpkins and leaves
Fall table decor ideas: brown leaves and eucalyptus branches

Almost everything for my Fall table decor comes from the park near my house.

When I go for long walks with my dog, I can’t stop myself from collecting things I’ll use for later DIY fall table decorations: chestnuts, leaves, acorns…

I must admit, many times, the fall harvest table comes with a few insects running around the table. At first, I got mad and a little embarrassed, now I’m proud of my creativity and tell everyone it is part of the process to a deeper connection with Mother Nature.

So on my fall dining table, you will find brownish leaves, nuts, chestnuts, and berries I have no way to identify.

This year I pared all this natural and elegant table decor to mini pumpkins, dried or fresh corn cobs, candles, and eucalyptus branches.

Fall table decor ideas: linen napkins with leaves
Fall table decor with pumpkins, candles, leaves, and berries


The city of elegance

Papal Rome

The city of food


The city of opulence

The colors are yellowish and brown, with a few red spots and a little green from the eucalyptus.

I laid everything on the table, it looks prettier: wild and natural.

The final touch is my adored collection of vintage fine china, glasses from Tuscany, and flea market cutlery.

Enjoy making your own Fall table!