Fall bucket list for adults and lovers of everything Italy.

Fall bucket list ideas for when you are in Italy, or you want to feel like you were here!

My Fall bucket list includes all the cozy and nourishing things you can do to celebrate the falling-leaves season. It includes books, food, music, art, DIY projects, movies, and a magazine!

homemade Christmas gifts: basil pesto


Have a Roman walk while savoring hot caldarroste (roasted chestnuts) from a street vendor. They’re a delicious treat while window shopping.

hot springs

Go to the hot springs. Italy is rich in spa spots, wild or in beautiful ancient buildings.


The city of Sassi.


The city of Opulence.


The city of Renaissance.


Art in Rome: go see the Greek and Ancient Rome art exhibition in Scuderie del Quirinale: Pompei e Santorini. Not only the art show is incredible, but Scuderie is also one of the best art galleries in Rome. Bonus tip: the gallery has the most exciting bookstore of all Rome museums!

homemade Christmas gifts: basil pesto


Listen to Mannarino’s Me So’ Mbriacato: traditional/modern Roman music.

homemade Christmas gifts: tagliatelle

good smells

Find a new stovetop pot pourri combo, one that will become the signature perfume of your house. Or try this one.

homemade Christmas gifts: basil pesto

mindful gifts

Christmas gifts: the sooner the better. No rush, no mess, no absently choosing whatever we find. Try flavored oils.

homemade Christmas gifts: Castagnaccio


Read la Ciociara by Alberto Moravia and learn about Romans, their attitude, and reasons why. Follow these two women (mother and daughter) struggling to survive in war.

homemade Christmas gifts: basil pesto


Spend a weekend in Italy… reading on your armchair. Get your copy of Simposio!

homemade Christmas gifts: Castagnaccio

watch “Caro Diario

by Nanni Moretti: an “ode” to Rome

Enjoy your Italian Fall bucket list!